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Translation- Better left to the pro’s

Just a funny video I found on you tube.  Hope you enjoy.

The importance of (good) translation

Hey all!!

I knew I wanted my first post to talk about the Importance of a good and accurate translation.  However, I decided to leave all the technical tips and advices to the pros and give you a different look at translation…

A translation is used to convey one’s thoughts, ideas and principles into another language. Sounds simple enough, no?  The truth is, and this has always been my motto, that life isn’t easy.  Just saying the same words translated into another language will, more often than not, result in less than satisfactory fashion.

The coca-cola company entered the Chinese market in 1928 … Continue Reading

Tourism and English friendliness

Last October, I took a short vacation from work, and headed with my girlfriend to Tuscany, Italy. We both do not now Italian, so we had to plan our way in English. We both spend quite a lot of our time on the Internet, so it was obvious we will reserve rooms online.

We firstly thought this would be an easy task to do, but we had a few surprises:

1.    Most of the small, cute little Zimmer rooms in which we were so interested didn’t have English interfaces on their websites. Therefore, we had to skip them. I’m sure we … Continue Reading

Welcome to the OneHourTranslation blog

After almost 1 year on-line we have decided to kick-start the OneHourTranslation official blog.

We are 3 founders who started working together to provide an affordable quality translation service that everyone can use.

In this blog we will update you with the most recent features,future plans and translation tips. We would also like to hear from you- our clients, translators and any one else who is interested in helping us improve our service.

In the next posts we will tell you more about us and about our service.