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Language barriers on the way to the supermarket

With globalization well into its third decade (depend who you ask), every country houses more and more people who are not natives and, in most cases, speak a different language.

The state of Israel, however, is no stranger to globalization. We had to cope with a huge amount of Jewish people who came from a multiplicity of country dating back to the 1940′s. The variety is staggering- Russia, Poland, India, Ethiopia, Georgia, and Argentina- the list goes on and on, spanning the 5 continents and more then 80 countries. The immense “melting-pot” has created an environment in which … Continue Reading

Felinae translation- you be the judge..

This is a very popular video on youtube showing two cats “talking”.
The first one is the original video and the second one shows the “translation”
I hope we provide a better translation service!!

Cross dimensional translation- same game, different rules.

Today I started thinking about the different dimensions of translations and how the rules of the game change when you try to cross dimensions. This might sound a bit vague, but bear with me- this is going somewhere (I think..).

In my last post, I reviewed the perils of trying to simplify the translation process. The translation I was talking about was one-dimensional- the written word. Even if you were to say something to someone instead of writing to them, you are still using the meaning of written words.

What if you needed to describe a picture to … Continue Reading

Translating your website will expose your business to more customers on recession days

Day after day the world is getting smaller, and the internet becomes the fastest and easiest way to communicate across national borders. Thanks to the internet, international advertising is the best tool for the marketing of products and services. The time of change and economic slowdown we all live nowadays requires businesses to secure new clients and markets… this means upgrading your company’s web showroom…

Well, what is this upgrade talk all about? We refer to a multi-language website solution. Companies offering online localized content to prospective clients get a high level of international exposure and increased revenue from the resulting … Continue Reading