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The Difference Between Global Marketing And International Marketing

Global marketing and international marketing aren’t the same thing, even though many marketers treat them the same way, as I witness every day.

International marketing means that marketing decisions are made in the individual countries, with staff who is the most knowledgeable about the target markets.

Global marketing views the whole world as one, and creates products that will only require weeks to fit into any regional marketplace.

Many marketing managers who use our services, didn’t make (together with their boards) a clear decision about the type of marketing their companies will do abroad. Translation of a brochure from English to Japanese … Continue Reading

The shipping problem (or: How to ruin your international brand forever)

Want to see an angry e-customer ?

Let your customer discover that you don’t ship to his country only on the checkout.

As a frequent Internet shopper who lives in Asia I can testify that this situation is quite common on many e-commerce websites, especially on American websites:

You choose a pair of shoes, compare prices online and decide where is the best deal.

Then you register to the website and even enter your address and credit card info.

It says nowhere “We ship to the US/Canada only”, or “Check if we ship to your country”.

This is a marketing problem, and therefore should be taken … Continue Reading