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The Conflict with Notarial Professional Translation

Professional translation is applicable to almost every kind of document. I say almost because not all documents can be serviced by a qualified translator offering fast translation service 24/7.

There’s the case of notaries, which cannot be classified under most translation services. The conflict lies in the process itself. Notarial legalization is important in keeping this kind of document official. It can only be done when the translated document is presented along with the original source document. Efficient translation services available nowadays only hold virtual offices so it would be pretty challenging to get through the process … Continue Reading

How to Communicate Well With Professional Translation Customers as a Translator?

The translation customers are the top priority of all professional translation service providers. All their needs must be met. Their expectations must be fulfilled. Otherwise, they will seek professional translation service somewhere else. If they do that, a translation service’s credibility is also adversely affected.

The most important key one should remember in satisfying the customer-translator relation and in any kind of relationship for that matter is none other than communication. So, how do you effectively communicate with your professional translation customer? Take a cue from these tips:

Tip #1: Be open with your professional translation customer’s inputs. Hear out what the … Continue Reading

Professional Translation: Website Translation

The Internet has opened so many doors to people wherever they may be in the world. It has served such a big purpose, especially to marketers like me, who are geared toward global business expansion. With more and more Internet users looking for a localized kind of service, it is no longer sufficient to provide a website that is speaking in universal language or English. Good thing, there are translators out to offer efficient translation service available 24/7.

Website translation is an important service that many marketers are looking into to help them reach out to their target audience easily. By … Continue Reading

The Importance of Professional Translation in a Global Company

With the revolution of the Internet, companies from around the world got more opportunities to go global. Then again, that’s not as simple as it seems. A global expansion requires much more than you could imagine. On top of all the things you need to be adjusting within the company, there’s the issue of communication, which is made even more challenging due to differences in language.

Communication is of course, an all-important key. Without it, you will never find your way to establish a link with your business partners and clients abroad. But what can you do with the language barrier … Continue Reading

Professional Translation: Going Legal

If you are already in the professional translation field and you are contemplating about an expertise, why not try legal translation? Among the many branches that you could swerve into once in the translation service, legal translation is one of the most promising yet pretty challenging, too.

On the context, legal translation is professional translation all the same but is concentrated within the field of law. As it must be understood, the laws are different in every country and every culture, so the challenges of the job multiply. You cannot forget, of course, that interpreting another country’s language has tribulations of … Continue Reading

Is it Advisable to Spend for Professional Translation of Your Marketing Collaterals?

Well, it depends. As with any enterprising move, you must first establish a need for professional translation of your marketing collaterals before you could make it reasonable to do so. Take a cue from that old and battered yet tried-and-tested line: “The end justify the means.”

Marketing collaterals or marketing materials are imperatives for any kind of business, especially those looking into an expansion. It is required for different business dealings and transactions. If you are serious about taking your business into another level higher, you must make a good impression on your marketing collaterals. If that expansion you are intent … Continue Reading

The Importance of Professional Translation in Sending Emails to Business Partners Abroad

Have you been wondering how you can keep your business ties with your partners abroad secured through communication? Well, we are in the same boat and I tell you it’s not really simple with language barriers and all. It was never easy until I sought help from efficient, fast professional translation service that is available 24/7.

A translation service can solve the communication problem with ease. It is a given that you will be able to communicate well with your partners abroad if you are using their language. Then again, being dependent on email systems that provide free translation service will … Continue Reading

The Importance of Speed in Human Translation

In professional translation, speed and deadline are two important issues. The ability of the professional translation to turn in a project faster and within the deadline makes it the ultimate choice – even if it costs more than machine translation or other translation service currently available online. Human translation has this sole advantage of securing a quality standard that’s higher than the others. If you add that up to reliability when it comes to meeting deadlines, marketers would not have to look to the other side. That means more projects for translation service providers.

Yes, human translation cannot contest the speed … Continue Reading

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-06-21

  • @EnjoyEfusjon we can help you with translations :) #
  • discovered brilliant idea! #
  • A friend of mine told me a few days ago that when you have more followers you also have more responsibility… can someone explain it to me? #
  • @shmu of course I read it. Thanks! in reply to shmu #
  • @YaelBeeri @wasaty well, I guess you two are right. Yael If you remember I used to tweet much less about translation and language in reply to YaelBeeri #
  • @mominisrael I didn’t think of that, you’re right in … Continue Reading

How to Manage your Time in Professional Translation?

Professional translation is pretty much a complicated task. It requires a lot of things from the translator’s end. So how translators should manage their time?

  • They should remember to be organized. This is very helpful, especially in case of really big human translation projects that pour in really good income. You should know when and where to start. It also helps if you will follow a timeline so as to ensure that the quality of your translation service is not sacrificed.
  • They should set an estimate segment or number of words that could be finished in a day. This way, you will … Continue Reading