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The Use of Translation Service in The Food Business

Professional translation is an integral tool that could make the tourism industry bloom. It is very helpful in terms of attracting foreign guests to any country. How? Well, it’s been noted that people tend to become more comfortable and feel at home in a country that respects their own cultural and linguistic background. Products and services, when presented to them in their local tongue, tend to be more appealing.

Professional translation is quite useful, too, in specific tourism business aspects such as food and beverage. Restaurant owners must be considerate to foreign guests to attract more customers … Continue Reading

Efficient Translation Service for the Hotel Industry

Every business all over the world is being greatly affected by the financial crisis. The hospitality industry or those in the hotel service is not exempted. That’s why, like the other industries, hotel businessmen must do something to cope up with the crisis and continue to thrive even with the economy turning downhill.

An efficient translation service is one of the best weapons the hospitality industry could have to cope with the crisis. How? Well, professional translation offers an amazing help for every kind of business, the hotel industry included, to get promoted and posted locally anywhere … Continue Reading

Checklist for Buyers of Translation Service

To find an efficient and fast translation service that would be able to deliver the results that you need when you need them is the basic first step towards availing of professional translation. Before you rush into discussing all about deadlines and costs, however, you need to prepare your materials first. Your translation service provider must have a clear view of your specifications along with your source documents to kick start the project in the proper angle. Here’s a helpful guideline on what is needed from the buyer’s end of the translation service:

  • Thorough Briefing. It is … Continue Reading

The Use of Translation Service in Tourism

The travel industry is a huge one, everywhere in the world. It is the source of a good slice of every country’s income. Professional translation can offer great help for those involved in travel services to take advantage of the earnings in store.

First and foremost, foreign guests do not only learn about their country destination as they get there. With the revolution of Internet, they will most likely do some research and find helpful information that they will need for a hassle-free holiday, may it be for leisure or business purposes. Still, some would likely do … Continue Reading

Professional Translation: Financial Content

Professional translation that is fast and efficient and available round the clock is very useful for those handling businesses. It aids marketers from around the world in managing the documents they use to run their business. Professional translation helps marketers produce localized versions of the documents they need to run a business. Professional translation is indeed very useful. It also aids finance experts go about their dealings in the financial market.

Financial content consists of stock quotes, stock market reports, forex documents, and business news among others. They are being scanned through by financial experts to guide … Continue Reading

Google vs. Microsoft in Offering Translation Service

Google and Microsoft are always breathing down each other’s necks. They are the forerunners in the Internet community and they are both keen on doing better in offering every kind of service to their targets. Both Google and Microsoft want to be the best choice for Internet users all over the world. Even in offering online translation service, Google and Microsoft are up to the challenge of giving the other a run for its money.

Google Translate

Google offers free online translation service through its Google Translate. Anyone who uses the translation service can get instant results on … Continue Reading

The Difference between ‘Traditional’ Translation Agencies and Online Translation Services

Those who do not want to be ‘lost in translation’ have various options. For one, they can choose between free online translation service, which is usually aided by software and machines and professional translation service, which is powered by human translators. Between the two, there is no question why professional translation is preferred. While the former is convenient, it cannot offer the same standard of quality that the latter can.

After deciding to go for human translation, there’s that choice between traditional translation agencies and online translation service. In this article, … Continue Reading

Human Translation of Video Games

Our world is currently a world of video games. Since the 1990s, video games went through constant innovation. Almost every time, a new game is offered on the block. But marketers see one loop hole that bar video games’ popularity onto going full blast: gamers from all over the world are often ‘lost in translation’.

This is what market observers see as the reason US-made video games cannot solicit absolute patronage in Japan and vice versa, which is also true in other parts of the world. To remedy their dilemma, professional translation came in.

Professional translation offers much … Continue Reading

The Traits of a Good Chinese Translation Service

Chinese translation service is no doubt one of the most in demand nowadays. This is probably because the language is complex. Nonetheless, Chinese translation service is essential to many ventures.

Those who seek professional translation of documents from Chinese to English or English to Chinese or even Chinese to other languages must be aware, however, of the difficulty of this task. That’s why you need to regard a whole lot of things when choosing your translator or the translation service you will be giving work to. Here are some pointers … Continue Reading

Should Translation Crowdsourcing Be Done for Free?

Recently, LinkedIn and other sites such as Facebook and Plaxo received much fury from the people involved in professional translation. The brows were raised due to a survey sent out to gather data on language people’s ideas about crowdsourcing, community, and collaborative human translation.

Freelancers in the professional translation field thought in unfair to offer such a service when they are doing business out of it. In a way, a couple hundreds of those in the translation service felt violated that LinkedIn and the rest are trying to give out an impression that … Continue Reading