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More Translation Gaffes and Blunders

As long as mediocre effort is exerted when translating texts into other languages, then there will always be cultural translation gaffes, blunders, and faux pas. Professional translation companies and freelance translation services alike should do everything it takes to make sure that their human translation work doesn’t end up looking like it was translated by a primitive software program.

The Importance of Contextualization

In any case, it’s imperative for human translation companies to recognize the importance of contextualization in professional translation. In fact, it’s so essential that … Continue Reading

The Intercultural Approach to Translation

Professional translation agencies and freelance translation services have long ago discovered that the intercultural approach to translation is the most effective way to implement a successful advertisement translation and localization scheme. Granted, human translation that uses the global standardization method has its respective benefits and shortcomings, but many companies have instead opted for the former approach because of its nigh-universal effectiveness.

All the same, the intercultural approach to translation is something that needs to be witnessed by demonstration instead of explained by theory. As such, let’s examine the different … Continue Reading