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Translator licensing and certification

Translation being an ever growing profession, more and more people are getting into the bandwagon be it part time, full time, freelance, online etc. With increasing penetration of the internet, it is truly becoming a global industry with opportunities coming in from all parts of the world. Having said that, it is also getting more and more difficult to identify the good ones from the ordinary ones i.e. separate wheat from chaff. Hence some kind of regulation is called for just like other professions like lawyers, doctors, engineers etc.

That brings up the question of translator licensing … Continue Reading

Free translation tools

Free translation? Yes you heard that right! When you are unable to translate a text into a language of your choice and you find professional services beyond your reach, you can take the help of these free translation tools to at least get an idea of what the author of the text is talking about. Some of the free tools that have been randomly selected are listed here below.

1)      Google translate is a popular free tool for translating web pages in a no. of language pairs. It has been reviewed in detail in another blog. Similarly … Continue Reading

Translation agencies

If you are new to the translation industry having just completed a language course – diploma or degree or whatever – you may not find it easy to land translation jobs with no prior experience. Most clients would want previous references, their contact address / email ID etc. Then how do you go about getting translation jobs? Here come the translation agencies. They can help you get headstart in your translation career.

Translation agencies provide the link between translators and potential clients who want translation jobs done. They can help you in marketing by matching your skills with … Continue Reading

One Hour Transaltion to offer free translation for Haiti aid organizations

We decided to do for the victims and the aid organizations in Haiti.

We will translate for free to 250 words per each organization and individual affected by the earthquake:

Individuals and organizations are welcome to visit our Haiti aid page and contact us for translations.

Translation and freelancing

One of the attractions of choosing translation as a career is the fact that you can freelance. It means freedom to pursue one’s hobbies, work from the comfort of your own home and no need to commute long distances in crowded traffic, flexible working hours etc. But there are also certain pitfalls when you choose to become a freelance translator. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of freelance translation.

Freelance translating is ideal for mothers who have to take care of their kids at home. Broadly speaking ‘parenting’ is one of the other interests … Continue Reading

How to choose reliable outsourcers of translation?

Like in every other profession one of the problems faced by translators (particularly the freelance kind) is unreliable clients. Have you ever burnt your fingers doing translation work for unknown agency / client and felt sorry later? Has your payment been delayed / not paid at all? Has the client changed the specs midway through a project or raised frivolous quality issues and put you into hardship? If you have been cheated doing translation work, you need not despair, for help is at hand.

There are translation client rating services available on the internet that can help … Continue Reading

Productivity, high income and translators

Is translation a high paying profession? How much can one earn doing translation 40 hours a week? Can one reach a six figure income doing freelance translation? These are some of the issues that would-be-translators would like to know. While there is no general earning guideline for translators with some reporting income in excess of $100,000 a year while most others aspire to reach that figure, it all depends on the source and target language, the subject area, the time factor and volume.

High translation rate per word is dependent on many factors like niche area, dealing directly with client … Continue Reading

Translation and Diplomacy

Translation and interpretation have important roles to play in maintaining cordial diplomatic relations between nations. Many documents like memorandum of understanding (MOU) whether for cultural or technical cooperation that are signed between sovereign countries need to be accurately translated leaving no scope for ambiguities or misinterpretation. Any error can become costly later in the form of failed MOUs or strained relationship between warring countries. Similarly interpreters are in high demand when heads of state or other dignitaries meet their counterparts of other countries during state visits.

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Centralization of the translation process

The dictionary definition of the word centralization is “it is the process by which the activities of an organization become concentrated within a particular location and/or group”. This concept of centralization is more relevant today in the face of increased globalization of companies today than ever before. It is particularly relevant to the activity of translation in order to maintain consistency as well as lower overall cost of translation.

Facing intense competition, companies like those in finance and insurance are increasingly globalizing their operations by opening offices in other countries where business opportunities abound. While doing so they cannot ignore the … Continue Reading

Google Translate and Machine translation

Google Translate (GT) is a popular translation service provided by Google to translate a word, a phrase, a section of text or an entire web page into one of 51 languages mentioned below. It can even provides translated search i.e. one can search a particular keyword in a source language in the target language websites for content and have it translated back into source language. The keyword is first translated into the target language and then the search is conducted in that language. Once the relevant web pages have been found, it is translated back into … Continue Reading