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Becoming a Translator

Professional translation experts around the world agree that there are certain guidelines, behaviors, and traits you need to have in order to become a competent translator in the competitive field of human translation. Translation service providers should pay close attention to the following recommendations and suggestions in order to not only become better professional translation agents, but to also turn out to be the best human translation specialists possible. They should raise their heads up high when striving for excellence in this particular field, because constant improvement for the sake of professionalism is … Continue Reading

Translators in the Age of Image and Speech

In the age of image and speech, the role of the translator (regardless if he’s a freelance translation service provider or a professional translation agent) or even human translation in general has shifted and transformed quite a bit. Sweeping, dramatic changes have been happening in the ways in which professional translation is conducted at present, particularly in the realms of industrial translation service (the category to which general non-literary translations, technical translations, scientific translations, medical translations, legal translations, and commercial translations belong to). This is mostly thanks to the advent of globalization, localization, the … Continue Reading

Translation using Dynamic Interpretation

Dynamic interpretation has been used even by professional translation agencies and freelance translation service providers when it comes to handling most industry-grade human translation projects. However, this methodology isn’t actually done during the translation proper; it’s instead executed just as soon as the professional translation agent or translation service freelancer takes a gander at the source text. To be true, dynamic interpretation is a method of reading, understanding, and comprehending a given work such that one can interpret dynamically the role of the text in a particular situation as well … Continue Reading

Fidelity versus Transparency in Translation

Fidelity and transparency are two factors that, for thousands of years, have been regarded as the highest ideals to be endeavored for in human translation (particularly literary translation); even up until now, when translation jobs are farmed out to different professional translation groups and translation service freelancers, these twin qualities are still considered top-priority guidelines to better achieve successful translation work with clear messages. Localization and globalization may have helped a lot in aiding different audiences to better understand the gist of any given human translation project, but the balance between transparency and fidelity … Continue Reading

Linguistic Translation and the Rewriting Process

Both human translation work and rewritings in general are considered to be similar means to the same end in terms of text manipulation because they reflect the respective efforts of the translation service expert or the rewriter in adapting the source material to work with a given target audience in a specific way. Indeed, professional translation has many parallels to the rewriting industry in terms of objectives and end results. Moreover, they are also considered controversial and divisive to some because they could produce values dissonance depending on how they’re practiced … Continue Reading

Faithful Translations versus Adapted Translations

Since time immemorial, professional translation companies and individual translation service freelancers have been struggling to achieve the balance between adapted translations and faithful translations. Human translation has come a long way, and ever since globalization became a concern for businesses everywhere because of the advent of the worldwide web, localization and adaptation of source texts have become the norm for many a professional translation agency. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that translation service providers should abandon the faithfulness of their work to the original text for the sake of localization purposes; … Continue Reading

Common Assumptions Concerning Translation

Regardless if it’s human translation done by a professional translation agency or a freelance translation service provider, people cannot help but make certain common assumptions when it comes to translation. Some of these widespread human translation conjectures are somewhat correct, trivially wrong, and grossly erroneous depending on the situation and circumstances; they include such things as confusing the freedom of localization to inaccuracy and faithfulness to the source text as rigid transliteration.

With that said, it’s imperative that both professional translation and freelance translation service handlers know the actual rules in … Continue Reading

Translation Associations

If you are new to the translation industry and interested in making translation as a career, you can get help from the local translation association. You can get leads for possible translation jobs if you register with them. Those looking for translation service can also find help there.

Apart from linking translation service providers and buyers, translation associations have larger role to play in shaping up the future of translation industry by influencing legislative decisions. Some associations like the American Translators Association conduct certification examinations for translators. Some of the translation associations worldwide are listed … Continue Reading