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International Business Language

The primary language used in trade and commerce worldwide has varied over time as well as geography. Latin and Greek in Europe, Chinese in parts of Asia, Sanskrit in the Indian subcontinent, Persian in Islamic countries of Asia and Africa and so on have been the dominant language for some time or the other over the years. More recently in the 19th century, French was the language of diplomacy and was used in royal courts of Germany, Russia, and Italy besides France and French colonies in Africa.

Over the last century or so, English has become the dominant language of business … Continue Reading

Google’s Translate for animals

27% Increase in Greek Translation in 2010

27% Increase in Greek Translation in 2010.

27% Increase in Demand to Greek Translation due to Greece Economical Crisis in the First 5 Month Of 2010 Compared to the Same Period Last Year.

New York, NY (PRWEB) June 25, 2010 — Since the financial crisis hit Greece in the beginning of the year there was a sharp rise in the demand for Greek translations compared to other West European languages. Greek translations rose 27% to total of 6% of Western European languages translations including French, Italian, … Continue Reading

Reaching global customers online, how to do it right?

Professional Translation ServicesMany SMBs are aiming at global customers online, esp. since 71% of people who surf the web are Not native English speakers.

The question is how to make the most of the global reach efforts and how to do it right?

First, if your site is English only you should check the competition and consider expanding to other languages. If you are already targeting global customers please consider the following:

  1. Use professional human translation service only to translate your content. Do not use Google Translate or any other machine translation. … Continue Reading

One Hour Translation professional translation services video

One Hour Translation provides High Quality Professional Translation services on a 24/7 basis.

Translation to more than 50 languages is performed thanks to a community of over 8000 certified translators from all over the world.

One Hour Translation created a unique platform that enables customers to get quality human translations by certified translators in a very efficient and affordable way.