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The logic behind translators’ and interpreters’ professional jokes

The manner in which Hollywood has built perceptions of translators and interpreters, especially in movies like “The Interpreter” and “Charade”, it shall not be considered strange if people imagine an interpreter, as someone who sits at the glass booth, wearing his headphones and speaking very fluently in some international language. However, it would be amazing to know that there has been a drastic increase in professional translation service providers. Right from government offices to seminars, newsrooms and essential meetings, interpreters and translation agency are everywhere to be noticed. This has also led to the establishment to the need of … Continue Reading

Importance of crowed source translation

Taking into consideration that the high valued institutes have a very massive appeal, there has been an increase in the demand of crowed source translation. For example, institutes like World Bank have a very diverse public appeal and demand due to which it is necessary that their content, rules, data and other necessary additions are explained in different languages. A very large part of this effort has been done by various translation agencies which have coming into establishment. Some of the sought after languages, where the conversion is basically done are Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, Germany and English. These … Continue Reading

Why machine translation is good for the translation industry?

There has been this growing concern for the human translation agency that machines are definitely going to overtake the business. However, the topic remains to be debatable because there are people, who have different opinions. Some feel that professional translation service through machine translation is good because it has the potential to bring the translation agency, which is more than thousands years of age, on the headlines. Still, some feel that the Machine Translation is not very flawless and has its own loopholes. It’s expected that taking into consideration the computer industry is blooming at a very high rate; … Continue Reading

Translation Memory – What is it Good For?

In the current times where the world is growing at such a fast pace and we are so closely connected with people in all corners of the world, it has become a must to make use of professional translation services. These services are used by all kinds of people for a wide variety of purposes. The latest breakthrough in technology which has considerably aided the translation system is the translation memory or TM. It has been over 20 years that this phenomenal system was introduced and almost all the leading translation agencies are making widespread use of this system … Continue Reading

Latest Development on the EU Translation Laws

The latest translation law passed in relation to the European Union has come as a sigh of relief for the people who have been accused of crimes here. This law has been passed with an intention to protect the interests of the foreigners who are deprived of a fair trial as they cannot understand the language the trial is carried out in. This newly passed law is expected to eradicate the problems that have been arising in respect of the EU arrest warrant.

As per this new law which was formally passed on the 16th of June’ 2010, it is mandatory … Continue Reading

Interpretation – what is it?

Interpretation means the art of translating one object from a framework to another framework without disturbing its original content. A simple example can be seen as the language translation from one language to another without disturbing the actual meaning of the sentences. Today, with the fast globalization and increase in the international business, it is important to deal with language barriers as quickly as possible. Previously, interpreters used to be on both the sides of international business to convey the business deals and eliminate the language barrier. Now, with global business booming up, professional translation services are required to … Continue Reading

Translation related iPhone apps – IV

In this fourth blog on translated related iPhone app series, we review 3 more popular apps viz. Jibbigo voice translator, Lingopal fun multilingual phrasebook and iTranslate plus. These apps are all aimed at global travelers who would find it useful. Jibbigo, though expensive compared to others, is versatile as it has voice recognition capabilities. However for a thorough translation job these apps would prove insufficient and approaching a professional translation agency is the only option.

Jibbigo voice translator

Jibbigo is an iPhone app released last year that converts speech in English to Spanish and vice versa. It was developed by Alex … Continue Reading

Translation related Android applications — III

Three more translation related Android apps viz. Talk To Me, Spanish Translator and Star Translate are reviewed in this blog. These apps would be handy for people who are constantly traveling but some of them require direct access to internet. For professional translation jobs translation agency should to be contacted.

Talk To Me

Talk To Me is a real time speech to speech translator developed for Android 1.6 or above. It is available for free from the Android Market. Currently it can translate speech from English to French, Spanish, Italian, German and English (UK). It uses Google Translate and Android Text … Continue Reading

Translation related iPhone apps – III

We review three more popular translation related iPhone apps here below viz. the Oxford Translator Travel Pro, Linguo and Bd Translator in continuation of earlier blogs on the same topic. These apps are mainly useful for business / leisure travelers looking for some handy phrases in foreign tongues and can not be used in place of service from professional translation agencies.

The Oxford Translator Travel Pro

This iPhone app covers five languages viz. French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin. Each app costs $10 per language. Oxford Translator is more than just a translation app; it also introduces the user to … Continue Reading

Translation related Android applications — II

We review three more translation related Android apps viz. ConveyThis Translator, Trippo Monde Voice Translator, and Google Goggle in this blog. They would be found useful by frequent travelers in foreign countries. For quality translation of your own Android App you have to contact professional translation services.

ConveyThis Translator

ConveyThis is a translation app developed for mobile devices running on Android platform. It was originally developed for translating web pages instantly by placing a widget on them. It can be freely downloaded from the Android Market (listed under Communication applications) and installed using the online instructions.

ConveyThis can translate words and phrases … Continue Reading