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Simplified English – a new language?

The English language is the mostly widely spoken language in the world. It is spoken / understood across all the 5 continents. Due to this very nature of its widespread popularity there have been several regional variations that have made the language unwieldy, complex and sometimes difficult to comprehend. Its vocabulary is constantly evolving with new words borrowed from other languages being added almost every day. In fact there are over 100 dialects / accented English versions spoken across the world. You have American English, Australian English, Indian English, African English, Caribbean English and so on. This variation in the … Continue Reading

Literal translation vs. conveying the sense of the text

Also called as direct translation which is found in everyday usage, literal translation means to render the text from one form the first language to another. In latin it means word-for-word translation rather than sentence translation. However in the study of translational language, literal translation basically means technical translation which is referred to the translation of technical, scientific, legal or even technological texts.

These translations not only mean document or business translation but also medical translations like Italian translation, French translation, German translation and Spanish translation.

Metaphase is another word for literal translation and prasal means … Continue Reading

Military translators – their role in the US army

With increased spread of military operations through out the world like the US operation in the Middle East or UN peace keeping force in Africa, translators have an important role to play in the military. The US forces deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan for example need to have at least a smattering knowledge of local languages like Arabic, Pashto, Farsi, Dari and a host of other dialects depending on their area of operation in order to be successful. Among the three services, the Army has the maximum need for translation / interpretation services as they are likely to interact more … Continue Reading