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Multilingual and eCommerce Translation

The advent of internet since the 1990s has probably had the greatest impact on the way trade and commerce has traditionally been carried out. Electronic commerce or ecommerce for short refers to buying and selling of goods and services over electronic systems like internet and other computer networks. It is estimated that in USA alone online trading and shopping is done to the tune of over $173 billions a year.

Regarding languages used for ecommerce, since internet penetration is a major factor for carrying out ecommerce, the majority of ecommerce languages have been that of the developed economies like English, Spanish, … Continue Reading

Multilingual AdWords translation

AdWords is the advertising platform of Google. It places relevant ads besides search results and also contextually targeted 3rd party web pages. Those choosing to advertise through AdWords pay on the basis of pay per click (PPC) or on per sale basis which Google passes on to the publishers enrolled in the AdSense campaign minus a commission.

There are many advantages to Google AdWords campaign like ability to reach wide geographically targeted audience, low cost per lead etc. Google claims their ads are seen by over 80% of internet users. It can be a source of profitable leads, as well as … Continue Reading

Freelance translation for work at home mothers

As discussed in a previous post, work at home jobs are becoming popular due to various advantages like flexible working hours, telecommuting etc. that come with it. Increasing gasoline prices strengthen the need to avoid commuting to work on a daily basis. Freelance translation is a perfect work at home job especially suited for mothers who have kids to take care. In fact an online translation company was voted as the ‘best company for working mothers’ in a poll in Poland. More than half of the staff of this company was women.

Apart from the convenience of working … Continue Reading

Machine Translator Detector or Is It Google?

Machine translation like Google Translate became a very popular translation tool.In some cases machine translation can help read and understand the general meaning of a short text.  When it comes to professional translation only human that understands what the text is about can get the job done right.Famous examples (which are already hard-coded in Google Translate) are “The bird flies like a bat” which can be understood in several ways by a machine. Obviously the quality of machine translation is far from acceptable for professional use.

In order to find if a machine translation has been used One Hour Translation developed … Continue Reading