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Creating Spanish versions of American e-commerce websites for the Hispanic community

Diversity is widely embraced in the business sector. This singular reality has a dramatic effect on the goal-driven culture of international business practices. And when it comes to American e-commerce websites, there are many potential target markets. North America is built on an agglomeration of cultures, replete with people possessing multiple skills, talents and abilities.  None has had as dramatic an effect on the success of the country as the Hispanic community. These people include people from Latin America, although historically the word was denoted to describe inhabitants of Spain and Portugal.

As the American economic empire continues to grind its … Continue Reading

Translation of Social Media Content for your Business

Business owners in today’s bustling global economy are tasked with many challenges. Foremost among them is communicating with an ever-increasing audience. This audience is no longer confined to any specific geographic locale; rather it is part and parcel of a global marketplace. The concept of interpersonal communication is thus an issue requiring maximum care and attention. But getting the right message to the right people is a tricky process and only careful control mechanisms can ensure that senders and receivers of these messages are on the same page. In this vein, it’s imperative to ensure that there is correct translation … Continue Reading