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How Could I Become an Editor?

Content writers, translators and data management specialists typically engage with one another in multiple formats. These include verbal communication, written communication and of course visual/body language formats. The advantage of participating in written forms of communication is that the writer has time to plan what to write, how to write it and how to create the correct context in order for the message to be understood correctly. However it does oftentimes occur that a writer errs and this is where editors come into the picture. An editor is a checkpoint between the writer and the target market. Editors work hard … Continue Reading

Great Books about Translation

Translation services are readily available to business owners, students and other vested interests. The quality of the translation service is dependent upon the ability of the translator to accurately interpret the message of sender and accurately relay it to the receiver. When standard translation services are undertaken, it’s imperative that the communication channels are open and that there is no distortion of the message being conveyed.

Interested parties are able to consult multiple resources to enhance the quality of the translation service. Foremost among these are books on effective translation. The mark of a good book on translation is indicated by … Continue Reading

Why Being a Native Speaker of the Target Language is so important for the Translator?

Translation services are best achieved when the recipient of the message understands precisely what was intended by the sender of the message. However there is tremendous room for confusion in and amongst this seemingly simple process. The art of translation is one that requires an in-depth understanding of communication, language, culture and idiosyncrasies. Most everyone has at some time or another received an erroneous message. The reasons for this are varied and can be attributed to listening and not hearing, catching the tail-end of a vital piece of information, a broken message, or any number of other possibilities.

It is essential … Continue Reading

How to Provide the Context to your Translator?

Translation services form part and parcel of a bustling niche market in the world of e-commerce and international communications. Oftentimes the message that is being promoted is misinterpreted by the recipient. This presents myriad challenges to both the sender and the receiver. Foremost among a translator’s tasks is the accurate processing of information from one language to another.

In this vein it is imperative that not only the words, phrases, idioms, parables and essence are understood correctly, but also their context. Indeed it is entirely possible that the correct meaning is totally mistaken by dint of nothing else other than the … Continue Reading