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Responding Tenders in Other Language

Important international business agreements require the full understanding and compliance of participants. It does happen that from time to time – and increasingly of late – tenders between business enterprises involve cultural and language differences. An oversight in this arena may prove the demise of the business relationship and participants are strongly advised to research the cultural and linguistic nuances and expected norms. This is done in an attempt to satisfy cross-cultural understanding and discourse. Respondents in the international business, social or cultural arena are required to conduct themselves with finesse, etiquette, decorum and understanding. This is made somewhat more … Continue Reading

Translation Memory Software Advantages and Disadvantages

Prior to discussing the merits and pitfalls of utilizing translation memory software, it is imperative to understand precisely what this technology is able to do. For starters, translation memory or TM, is essentially a workable database of information relating to language. It stores bits of data – packets of information – in segments. These can be strung together into functional language fragments. The key differential here is that these bits of information have been translated for the purposes of non-native speakers of the translated language. Various names for such software are readily known – most common is the term Translation … Continue Reading

Developing Software for International Markets: Part 2 – Things you should consider

Translation software development has become something of an art form. This is especially true of the higher-quality TM software. Developers and innovators have long been fine-tuning their craft in order to provide end users with the most affordable, reliable and contextually correct TM translations. Before any translation memory software is purchased, it’s imperative to consider a host of factors. These may not always be apparent from the get-go, but if overlooked these issues can become a tremendous stumbling block in the future. For example, is the TM software able to provide end users with increased levels of consistency with real-time … Continue Reading

Developing Software for International Markets – Part 1 – Pros and Cons

The international arena is peppered with cultural and linguistic variety. These differences between geographic regions, locales and people necessitate the creation of robust, dynamic, intuitive and reliable translation memory software. The ability of software manufacturers to create an endearing product is dependent upon the TM programs being able to translate information accurately, rapidly and effectively without losing any of the contextual meaning. Such is the challenge in the development of software for international markets. Within the ambit of accurate and reliable translation software is the issue of pros and cons. Many of the issues pertaining to developing software for International … Continue Reading