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Is Your Website Lost in Translation?

The “language of business” is based around the common denominator of currency. Business decisions are made on whether that currency will make you more currency, cover your expenses and leave enough for expansion. But in today’s atmosphere of global trade, the language of business has become a literal term.

In his post, Mikal covers one of the most important issues in tody’s commerce and Ecommerce – approching customers from different countries in their native language.

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Business Documents Translation Services

Business Documents Translation Services are part and parcel of a burgeoning industry where international commercial deals and agreements are the order of the day. Foremost among the characteristics of efficient translation services are top-tier customer service, the scope of translation languages and the accuracy of the business translations.

There are scores of first-rate translation agencies in operation around the world. These companies work hard to provide their customers and patrons with the very finest business documents translation services. Many of the companies utilizing the services of business documents translation range from Fortune 500 companies to all manner of other companies … Continue Reading

Medical Translation Services

The world functions as a global arena where information is literally passing us by in what is known as the information superhighway. All manner of material is transmitted including important medical information. In this manner, it is imperative that the correct information is relayed to doctors, patients and other vested interests. And it becomes essential that the correct translation of medical terms is undertaken to avoid potentially fatal errors.

The issue of translation services crops up every time information is relayed across different geographic, linguistic or cultural lines. And it becomes vitally important that the messages being relayed from the sender … Continue Reading