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Advertising to an International Audience Using Translation

A professional translation’s effectiveness depends mostly on its ability to bridge cultural gaps by interpreting language as well as understanding mores and traditions. More to the point, in order for an international marketing strategy to work, a translation service must fulfill the role of translator and localizer at the same time.

Because of the globalization trend, any human translation agency that’s worth its salt must offer both translation and localization services to its clients. For many a business, localization and translation are nigh-synonymous to each other in terms of global advertising. … Continue Reading

Translated Advertisements Gone Wrong

Yes, this is yet another article highlighting the age-old tradition of context being lost in translation. There’s a reason why this phenomenon is still widespread despite the ever-rising demand for professional translation firms and solo translation services. Even though context is what determines the proper understanding of a message or view—and a word by itself cannot exist without context, just like paragraphs, sentences, and phrases—there are a lot of factors present that can help muddle an original text’s context regardless if you use machine or human translation to interpret it.

A properly conveyed and … Continue Reading