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Chinese Etiquettes and Translation

The world and art of translation is so huge that it really becomes difficult for us to find the start and the end of it. From language translation like Italian translation, German translation, Spanish translation to business translation, document translation and medical translation everything is there and with a professional view in Chinese etiquettes to sooth the needs of the customers.

It is an accepted fact that the involvement of proper business translation is much more important than just replacing those words and what is more important is that … Continue Reading

Chinese Translation: Origin and relevance

Translation is a major global activity today with documents, reports etc. being exchanged internationally. Professional translation services perform accurate translation of the given documents into the required language. Chinese translation is performed by people who are qualified and proficient in both Chinese and the other language as well. Chinese can the language of the source document or the language into which the document is to be translated.

When it comes to legal documents, medical reports and technical briefs, Chinese to English translation requires much more than language skill. One must be well versed with the technical terms used and be … Continue Reading

Translation and Chinese Bloopers

The importance of proper translation by professionals assumes great importance when dealing with languages like English and Chinese which are poles apart in their structure, grammar, phonetics, syntax etc.

As far as pronunciation is concerned, the Chinese is a tonal language as compared to English which is a stress based language. The English as spoken by the Chinese is often unintelligible to foreigners because of stress on the wrong syllable, wrong intonation etc.

Many Chinese people knowing both English and Chinese languages still think in Chinese but speak or write in English. This has resulted in the evolving … Continue Reading

Translating in Chinese Mandarin, Chinese Cantonese, Simplified Chinese , or Traditional Chinese

Every language poses its respective quirks, idiosyncrasies, and difficulties to translators whenever they’re being translated into another language. On that note, the Chinese language can present itself to be quite a nightmare to any professional translation company or solo translation service. As such, there have been deficiencies and failures in the way human translation firms handle Chinese translation that’s rooted from lack of awareness of the significance of context.

More to the point, in order to be able to translate context, a professional translation service needs to have a firm grasp … Continue Reading

Lost in Asian Translation

Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and Vietnamese embody a considerable part of the American translation industry, particularly the West Coast. Also, despite the high potential of profit in translating those languages for commercial use, many professional translation firms and individual translation services have very little knowledge about Asian languages. Moreover, the complexity of these dialects is also a good reason why human translation is a must when translating anything and machine translation is at best left as an assistance tool.

Asian Languages Prefer Simplicity over Verbosity

Eastern languages usually eschew the linguistic tools that their western … Continue Reading

Marketing in China? What you should know before sending your materials to translation

Many marketers contact us asking for Chinese translations for their collaterals, brochures etc. When we ask them questions like:

  1. Which Chinese dialect?
  2. What type of characters?
  3. Where exactly your recipients live in China?

they are a bit surprised, and don’t know the answers.

A few (interesting) tips that can help:

  1. The Chinese translator must be a native speaker of the specific Chinese dialect you’re interested in. For instance, Mandarin and Cantonese as different as French and German. Although many Mandarin translators are also familiar with Cantonese, they cannot be good translators in … Continue Reading

The Traits of a Good Chinese Translation Service

Chinese translation service is no doubt one of the most in demand nowadays. This is probably because the language is complex. Nonetheless, Chinese translation service is essential to many ventures.

Those who seek professional translation of documents from Chinese to English or English to Chinese or even Chinese to other languages must be aware, however, of the difficulty of this task. That’s why you need to regard a whole lot of things when choosing your translator or the translation service you will be giving work to. Here are some pointers … Continue Reading