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Faithful Translations versus Adapted Translations

Since time immemorial, professional translation companies and individual translation service freelancers have been struggling to achieve the balance between adapted translations and faithful translations. Human translation has come a long way, and ever since globalization became a concern for businesses everywhere because of the advent of the worldwide web, localization and adaptation of source texts have become the norm for many a professional translation agency. Nevertheless, that doesn’t necessarily mean that translation service providers should abandon the faithfulness of their work to the original text for the sake of localization purposes; … Continue Reading

Importance of Context in Translation

A language is way to see and understand the world. It is the vehicle of our ideas, thoughts and perspectives of our world. However since human being is essentially a social animal we perpetually interact with our environment. This interaction with environment is a factor of time and space. When and where we are interacting determines what actually we are meaning. For example ‘March’ is an act as well as month. The meaning depends on when, where and how.

Translation is understood as an act of carrying the meaning of a text from one language to another. … Continue Reading