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Translation and Diplomacy

Translation and interpretation have important roles to play in maintaining cordial diplomatic relations between nations. Many documents like memorandum of understanding (MOU) whether for cultural or technical cooperation that are signed between sovereign countries need to be accurately translated leaving no scope for ambiguities or misinterpretation. Any error can become costly later in the form of failed MOUs or strained relationship between warring countries. Similarly interpreters are in high demand when heads of state or other dignitaries meet their counterparts of other countries during state visits.

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Translation and Diplomacy

Even though many contend that their particular tongue is better than another when it comes to the subject of international diplomacy-with criteria ranging from clarity, flexibility, expressiveness, and eloquence-the fact of the matter is that many languages over the centuries have taken the role of diplomatic linguistics.

Diplomatic languages have come in many flavors such as English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, Latin, Medieval Greek, Literary Chinese, and Acadian. Looking for semantic or linguistic reasons why one language is most appropriate for diplomatic relations is at best an exercise in futility.

Diplomatic Translators

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