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Globalization and translation

Globalization has affected the translation industry just like every other industry both positively and negatively. While in the product space we have benefited from lower costs with same or superior quality manufactured from countries China, a similar trend has been found in the translation industry too. Translators from the developed world have to compete with those from the low cost countries now, but it has not pervaded much either due to language barriers. For example it is not easy to find persons fluent in languages like Swedish and also say French from countries like Sri Lanka … Continue Reading

Linguistic and Cultural Equivalence in Translation

Language is said to be the vehicle of our ideas, thoughts and perspectives of our world. While translation, simply is carrying the meaning or the idea from one language to another. Yet it is difficult to find a corresponding word for every word in two languages. It thus becomes a duty of translator to keep the meaning of the target language same as of the source language. This is called equivalence and is defined as ‘same meaning conveyed by a different expression’

The importance of equivalence is realized by all scholars of translation and has always remained … Continue Reading

Globalization and Translation

Globalization has a simple meaning, but many interpretations. In order to not get lost in the muck of politics and intrigue, this article will focus more on just one or two aspects of the term. For instance, one key feature of globalization is that it should never be considered all-encompassing.

Globalization is best taken in limited doses, such that it should refer to some countries instead of all world nations, or some languages instead of all global dialects. It’s simply more practical that way, what with the sheer number of countries to consider and languages to translate (about 6,000 languages strong). … Continue Reading

The Importance of Professional Translation in a Global Company

With the revolution of the Internet, companies from around the world got more opportunities to go global. Then again, that’s not as simple as it seems. A global expansion requires much more than you could imagine. On top of all the things you need to be adjusting within the company, there’s the issue of communication, which is made even more challenging due to differences in language.

Communication is of course, an all-important key. Without it, you will never find your way to establish a link with your business partners and clients abroad. But what can you do with the language barrier … Continue Reading