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Human Translation versus Machine Translation

If weren’t for the superiority of human translation over machine translation, then most companies would be relying on machine translators exclusively. At any rate, multinational enterprises need to realize sooner rather than later that professional translation is an expertise that should never be underestimated.

In general, the art of translation and translation services don’t just depend on word-for-word replacement of a source language text with a target language equivalent. If that were the case, then human translation would be rendered obsolete by machine translation. At the moment though, … Continue Reading

The Effective Translator: 5 Traits for Efficient Human Translation

Being in the translation service industry is very challenging. An effective translator needs more than just knowledge of another language to be considered for a job. Read on for the traits someone who is in the human translation business must possess and see how well you fare:

  1. Language expertise. No doubt, this is the first and foremost characteristic an effective member of the translation service must possess. If you are not fluent in at least two languages, you must find a career in another field. Definitely, the professional translation industry would need someone … Continue Reading