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Linguistic Equivalence in Translation

Equivalence will always be an important part of human translation as long as the latter exists. To be more specific, equivalence is one of the most important considerations of professional translation agents and freelance translation service experts alike when it comes to localizing a website or straightforwardly translating textual material.

Therefore, regardless of whether your professional translation agency is doing source oriented (to be as faithful to the original text as possible) or target-oriented (to make sure that the original message is translated in terms that the target audience will understand) translation, there’s … Continue Reading

The Linguistic Approach to Translation

Different languages give different ways to look at the world but translation provides us the opportunity to explore and interact with these different views of the world. Translation refers to carrying the meaning of a text from one language to another. This process involves interpretation of meaning of the text and producing the same meaning in another language. Translation as an activity is actually as old as written language or text itself. However as a discipline of study it is comparatively new.

Since all word of one language may or may not have a corresponding word in the other language, Linguistic … Continue Reading