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Reaching global customers online, how to do it right?

Professional Translation ServicesMany SMBs are aiming at global customers online, esp. since 71% of people who surf the web are Not native English speakers.

The question is how to make the most of the global reach efforts and how to do it right?

First, if your site is English only you should check the competition and consider expanding to other languages. If you are already targeting global customers please consider the following:

  1. Use professional human translation service only to translate your content. Do not use Google Translate or any other machine translation. … Continue Reading

Marketing tips for translators

Translators are similar to other self employed professionals like lawyers, accountants, architects, etc. when it comes to marketing their skills / services. It is particularly true in case of freelance translators. Here are some marketing tips that translators may find useful.

Marketing involves communicating with prospective customers to bag a translation project, asking for clarifications during its execution or sending invoices at the completion of the project. Some points to note while communicating with customers are:

  • Keep in touch with customers by sending out reminders of availability to … Continue Reading

Breaking International Marketing Barriers with Translated Lessons

Marketing is a subject where you require loads of hard work, learning and new ideas to succeed. Every country has different and its own unique marketing strategies. Wherever you learn from, you will get to add something new to your knowledge every time. E-Learning is a concept that is growing its roots rapidly in the field of Marketing. But if you set out to E-Learn the marketing tactics from other nations, language may serve as a major barrier. These days, to overcome these barriers, language is well being taken care of through the technique of Translation. Online translating softwares or … Continue Reading

The Intercultural Approach to Translation

Professional translation agencies and freelance translation services have long ago discovered that the intercultural approach to translation is the most effective way to implement a successful advertisement translation and localization scheme. Granted, human translation that uses the global standardization method has its respective benefits and shortcomings, but many companies have instead opted for the former approach because of its nigh-universal effectiveness.

All the same, the intercultural approach to translation is something that needs to be witnessed by demonstration instead of explained by theory. As such, let’s examine the different … Continue Reading

Translating Advertising Content and Imagery

The issue that professional translation agencies and individual translation services must comprehend the most is as follows: The very essence of multilingual communication in the globalized era lies within handling cultural diversity between the different hosting countries (i.e., target markets) of a given marketing campaign. To be true, human translation companies should be able to explain the diverging points of view of the parties involved—the target audience and the client with the source text—specifically in terms of preventing obstacles related to the multilingual market dilemma.

Translation … Continue Reading

Translated Advertisements Gone Wrong

Yes, this is yet another article highlighting the age-old tradition of context being lost in translation. There’s a reason why this phenomenon is still widespread despite the ever-rising demand for professional translation firms and solo translation services. Even though context is what determines the proper understanding of a message or view—and a word by itself cannot exist without context, just like paragraphs, sentences, and phrases—there are a lot of factors present that can help muddle an original text’s context regardless if you use machine or human translation to interpret it.

A properly conveyed and … Continue Reading

Translation of Advertisements

The usual advertising framework of many a multinational company—especially those originating from France—is mostly focused on marketing and communication strategies. More to the point, it’s not necessarily a given for a large enterprise to hire freelance translation services or professional translation agencies when preparing their international commercials and promotions. Some companies actually insist that localization isn’t necessarily the be-all, end-all answer to global advertising.

The Two Approaches to International Promotions

On that note, there are two approaches that a company can use to advertise in a foreign market: global standardization (promotes universal messages that can be understood by all creeds and cultures), … Continue Reading

How to market your website to foreign-language speakers?

Website owners and marketing professionals are usually focused on English-speaking target demographics, and understandably so: this is the language in which they can most easily communicate with their clients.
When companies define the target demographic on which to focus when marketing their products, they often operate under the unwritten working assumption that the said demographic speaks English.
Some marketing executives will claim that their companies’ products are sold “around the globe”, while in reality it may well be the case that only English speakers were exposed to these products, because their websites as well as their marketing people and materials are communicating … Continue Reading

Is it Advisable to Spend for Professional Translation of Your Marketing Collaterals?

Well, it depends. As with any enterprising move, you must first establish a need for professional translation of your marketing collaterals before you could make it reasonable to do so. Take a cue from that old and battered yet tried-and-tested line: “The end justify the means.”

Marketing collaterals or marketing materials are imperatives for any kind of business, especially those looking into an expansion. It is required for different business dealings and transactions. If you are serious about taking your business into another level higher, you must make a good impression on your marketing collaterals. If that expansion you are intent … Continue Reading