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Translation of iPod Applications

The Apple iPod is one of the defining inventions of the new millennium. Like its peers (the camera and the mobile phone), it’s a portable device that not only fulfills one main function superbly, it can also feature a Swiss-Army-Knife-like collection of secondary functions that make it a truly versatile gadget that manages to exceed its original value tenfold. With that said, having an iPod is now equivalent to having your own personal professional translation agency or freelance translation service at your beck and call—and it won’t cost you a dime to boot!

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Android Applications Translation

The Android was specifically created in order to accommodate a myriad of mobile-optimized applications that utilize all of the advantages that the portable gadget medium has to offer. This is a device that’s been designed to be open, so it’s only natural that it also features the translation of Android applications. What’s more, its multilingual capacity is a built-in service, so there’s no need to depend on human translation businesses like professional translation firms or freelance translation service agents in order to use your programs in … Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Translation

Mobile translation is a translation service of the machine variety used to accommodate PDAs, Pocket PCs, and mobile telephones. In turn, mobile phone translation is the type of mobile translation that specifically caters to mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone when it comes to translating their mobile applications. Because this translation service utilizes machine translation instead … Continue Reading