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Translation of Social Networking Sites

Social Networking is the best possible mode of communication that you can find in the present world where the internet plays a major role in the lives of the people. The social networking sites of Facebook, Digg or Twitter are the ideal places for you stay in contact with relatives, friends and loved ones on a regular basis even if you are miles away. The social networking sites have also become the fastest means of exchanging regional news and latest updates regarding important events. However, most of these social networking sites are either in English or particularly in the native … Continue Reading

Social networking sites and translation

Ever since the advent of the World Wide Web in the early 1990’s, it has been widely used as a means of social networking i.e. sharing of common interests, ideas etc through emails and instant messaging. Recently however the idea got a special impetus with improvement in communication, higher bandwidth at affordable cost facilitating interactive information sharing, interoperability and user centered design of websites. The so called Web2.0 has unleashed a whole gamut of social networking sites that has created web based communities whose members can easily interact online, change website content instead of passive viewing of website information. These … Continue Reading