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If you are new to the translation industry having just completed a language course – diploma or degree or whatever – you may not find it easy to land translation jobs with no prior experience. Most clients would want previous references, their contact address / email ID etc. Then how do you go about getting translation jobs? Here come the translation agencies. They can help you get headstart in your translation career.

Translation agencies provide the link between translators and potential clients who want translation jobs done. They can help you in marketing by matching your skills with … Continue Reading

Ideas for Translation Agencies to survive Recession

Translation agencies work for their clients day and night to provide them with good translated projects. Today, there are many translation agencies in the market and the competition has doubled. On top of it, recession has led to job cut down too. In such a case, trusted and popular translation agencies are falling short of resources while they still have a hell lot of work to manage from their firm. In this case, the translation agencies may have to spend oodles of money on professional translation tools as well as rely on electronic in place of … Continue Reading

Using a Translation Agency or Service

In an industry full of freelance translation services, professional translation agencies, machine and human translation options, and translation directories listing all of these components in one place, a corporation can be forgiven for feeling nonplussed and bewildered as to who to hire and where to go. Finding an efficient and value-addled translation company is always easier said than done, but it still needs to be done anyway because it remains a key business decision in our interconnected world at present.

The need for trustworthy individual translation services or reputable professional translation firms to dole out … Continue Reading

Questions to Ask About Your Translation Company

Translation service agencies conducting professional translation by themselves (human translation) or with the help of computer software (machine translation) are currently in demand by a multitude of industries ranging from multinational corporations to diplomatic envoys. Even small businesses and individual enterprises are now getting into the act of hiring translators to promote their wares thanks to the global interconnectivity that the Internet presently provides.

Because of this rise in interconnection, more and more people are clamoring for the services of a professional translation company. However, finding the best translation service can be an … Continue Reading

The Difference between ‘Traditional’ Translation Agencies and Online Translation Services

Those who do not want to be ‘lost in translation’ have various options. For one, they can choose between free online translation service, which is usually aided by software and machines and professional translation service, which is powered by human translators. Between the two, there is no question why professional translation is preferred. While the former is convenient, it cannot offer the same standard of quality that the latter can.

After deciding to go for human translation, there’s that choice between traditional translation agencies and online translation service. In this article, … Continue Reading