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The Evolution of Modern Day Translation

Technology has been inevitably remodeling the practice and concept of human translation in many aspects—so much so that machine translation has become an integral part of the professional translation process. Sure, human translation remains the best method of choice when it comes to providing topnotch translation services, but that’s not to say that machine translation is completely useless. For instance, instead of leafing through thousands upon thousands of dictionary pages when looking for a certain word or phrase translation, you can now rely exclusively on a computer to find these words … Continue Reading

A Guide to the Modern Translation Industry

The professional translation industry has recently gone through two important changes in the way it goes about its translation services: specialization and globalization. Human translation has undoubtedly transformed itself during the end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new one. It wasn’t too long ago that professional translation agents would mostly operate in domestic markets, delivering their wares and translation services in person (and most individual, freelance translators still do that nowadays).

Even though the circumstances may appear unfair, it’s important for would-be translators to understand that … Continue Reading