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Productivity, high income and translators

Is translation a high paying profession? How much can one earn doing translation 40 hours a week? Can one reach a six figure income doing freelance translation? These are some of the issues that would-be-translators would like to know. While there is no general earning guideline for translators with some reporting income in excess of $100,000 a year while most others aspire to reach that figure, it all depends on the source and target language, the subject area, the time factor and volume.

High translation rate per word is dependent on many factors like niche area, dealing directly with client … Continue Reading

Writing a Translator’s Resume

A translator is a person who helps to reproduce your work in various desired languages. Translation is necessary in today’s world if you want to reach out to the entire world with your work. For that, you need translators. You can either work as a translator in an already running translation agency or you can also work as a freelance online translator if you wish to do so. For becoming a translator, you must be good at your expression, you must have a decent amount of knowledge of a decent number of languages, you must be able to derive … Continue Reading