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Marketing your Translation Agency

A translation agency is a firm, which carries out translation assignments on the request of its clients. It is not an easy job to run a translation agency; more difficult is to effectively advertise it. Marketing is one thing that can do wonders for any business, especially for the translation business where twenty-four into seven, the work is done online, electronic translation to be precise. Marketing lets people know of you, it brings you to notice and lets people imagine your working capabilities. According to that, people would approach you for their translation assignments and thus … Continue Reading

Marketing your Translation Services as a Freelance Translator

Translation services are meant to help people get their work translated in to desired languages. These people call them selves as clients and the ones who carry out this job for them are known to be working for them. These people provide freelance translation services to their clients, thus making them feel at ease with their work. Like they help their clients, the web is full of tools which are there to help these freelance translators too. These tools help the translators to carry out their job with ease and earn well too.

This was about the … Continue Reading