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Blog Translation – Does It Worth the Cost?

Translation of online content certainly has its pros and cons. Proponents of translation of online content cite the benefits of being able to reach a wider and deeper audience as being the foremost advantage of employing the use of blog translation services. Opponents of blog translation services have alluded to the cost being a negative aspect. However it is neither the reach nor the cost that is of the utmost concern from the outset. It is the reasoning behind why translation services are required in the first place. The objectives of blog owners must be clarified in order that the … Continue Reading

How Could I Become an Editor?

Content writers, translators and data management specialists typically engage with one another in multiple formats. These include verbal communication, written communication and of course visual/body language formats. The advantage of participating in written forms of communication is that the writer has time to plan what to write, how to write it and how to create the correct context in order for the message to be understood correctly. However it does oftentimes occur that a writer errs and this is where editors come into the picture. An editor is a checkpoint between the writer and the target market. Editors work hard … Continue Reading

Great Books about Translation

Translation services are readily available to business owners, students and other vested interests. The quality of the translation service is dependent upon the ability of the translator to accurately interpret the message of sender and accurately relay it to the receiver. When standard translation services are undertaken, it’s imperative that the communication channels are open and that there is no distortion of the message being conveyed.

Interested parties are able to consult multiple resources to enhance the quality of the translation service. Foremost among these are books on effective translation. The mark of a good book on translation is indicated by … Continue Reading

Why Being a Native Speaker of the Target Language is so important for the Translator?

Translation services are best achieved when the recipient of the message understands precisely what was intended by the sender of the message. However there is tremendous room for confusion in and amongst this seemingly simple process. The art of translation is one that requires an in-depth understanding of communication, language, culture and idiosyncrasies. Most everyone has at some time or another received an erroneous message. The reasons for this are varied and can be attributed to listening and not hearing, catching the tail-end of a vital piece of information, a broken message, or any number of other possibilities.

It is essential … Continue Reading

Multilingual and eCommerce Translation

The advent of internet since the 1990s has probably had the greatest impact on the way trade and commerce has traditionally been carried out. Electronic commerce or ecommerce for short refers to buying and selling of goods and services over electronic systems like internet and other computer networks. It is estimated that in USA alone online trading and shopping is done to the tune of over $173 billions a year.

Regarding languages used for ecommerce, since internet penetration is a major factor for carrying out ecommerce, the majority of ecommerce languages have been that of the developed economies like English, Spanish, … Continue Reading

The mother tongue advantage in translation

What is mother tongue?

Although the term mother tongue is very commonly used in general parlance, it has been variously defined with different connotations ever since its first appearance around 14th century in literature. A common dictionary definition of mother tongue would be: a parent language; one’s native language; the first language learned by a child and in which it can express fully and identifies with; the language learned by children and passed from one generation to the next, etc. In the translation industry, persons fluent in mother tongue or the native tongue are generally considered to have an edge over … Continue Reading

Simplified English – a new language? (Part II)

Continuing the discussion on the subject of simplified English from an earlier blog, simplified English was originally developed for the aerospace industry for writing maintenance manuals but is now used by other industries as well. The need for simplified English has arisen mainly because natural language expressions can be ambiguous depending on the writing style of the writer. Technical writers especially develop special vocabulary called ‘jargon’ which can make writing opaque to others including experts. The problem becomes severe when a document has to be translated into another language. The translator, unless professionally trained can misinterpret and easily cause confusion … Continue Reading

The logic behind translators’ and interpreters’ professional jokes

The manner in which Hollywood has built perceptions of translators and interpreters, especially in movies like “The Interpreter” and “Charade”, it shall not be considered strange if people imagine an interpreter, as someone who sits at the glass booth, wearing his headphones and speaking very fluently in some international language. However, it would be amazing to know that there has been a drastic increase in professional translation service providers. Right from government offices to seminars, newsrooms and essential meetings, interpreters and translation agency are everywhere to be noticed. This has also led to the establishment to the need of … Continue Reading

Importance of crowed source translation

Taking into consideration that the high valued institutes have a very massive appeal, there has been an increase in the demand of crowed source translation. For example, institutes like World Bank have a very diverse public appeal and demand due to which it is necessary that their content, rules, data and other necessary additions are explained in different languages. A very large part of this effort has been done by various translation agencies which have coming into establishment. Some of the sought after languages, where the conversion is basically done are Chinese, Arabic, Russian, French, Germany and English. These … Continue Reading

Why machine translation is good for the translation industry?

There has been this growing concern for the human translation agency that machines are definitely going to overtake the business. However, the topic remains to be debatable because there are people, who have different opinions. Some feel that professional translation service through machine translation is good because it has the potential to bring the translation agency, which is more than thousands years of age, on the headlines. Still, some feel that the Machine Translation is not very flawless and has its own loopholes. It’s expected that taking into consideration the computer industry is blooming at a very high rate; … Continue Reading