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One Hour Translation Now Supports the new Google Translator Toolkit

Following the release today of the new version of the Google Translator Toolkit, One Hour Translation, the web’s #1 professional translation service announced that it supports the new Translator Toolkit with its community of over 10000 professional native speaking translators.

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How to Provide the Context to your Translator?

Translation services form part and parcel of a bustling niche market in the world of e-commerce and international communications. Oftentimes the message that is being promoted is misinterpreted by the recipient. This presents myriad challenges to both the sender and the receiver. Foremost among a translator’s tasks is the accurate processing of information from one language to another.

In this vein it is imperative that not only the words, phrases, idioms, parables and essence are understood correctly, but also their context. Indeed it is entirely possible that the correct meaning is totally mistaken by dint of nothing else other than the … Continue Reading

No Hikes in Translation Fees – Gorslas Demand

According to translations news we get to know that the council of members with the GWENDRAETH Valley community doesn’t approve much of the professional translations services. Not after there has been a spiraling cost attached to it, up to twenty percent on translations says experts.

Needless to say, this wasn’t taken too easily by the Gorsla community council, whose angry reactions post the Menter Cwm Gwendraeth, which is a public enterprise for professional translations on a real time basis hikes the rates. The rates previously for translations services was £50 per meeting and … Continue Reading

Details on the Most Spoken Languages in the World

Language is the most basic function that every human being has to know in order to communicate with others. This explains the need for professional translation services. As many as six thousand languages are currently being spoken in different corners of the globe today. Every region has a distinct and peculiar official language that is spoken by the locals. Every language has its own sub language which can further be classified into dialects. In spite of this diversity, there are a few selected languages which are widely used all over the globe. Statistically, any language which is … Continue Reading

One Hour Translation professional translation services video

One Hour Translation provides High Quality Professional Translation services on a 24/7 basis.

Translation to more than 50 languages is performed thanks to a community of over 8000 certified translators from all over the world.

One Hour Translation created a unique platform that enables customers to get quality human translations by certified translators in a very efficient and affordable way.

Global marketplace trends and translation

The global market is gradually shifting its axis from developed countries like U.S.A., Europe to countries in Asia and Africa. The trend is very pronounced in industries like medical and pharmaceuticals where the focus is rapidly moving to Asia and experts believe that the latter would become the largest market for medicines in the near future. MNCs are increasingly inclined to set up more research and development facilities and conduct more clinical trials in certain Asia countries according to a survey by PwC. Africa is a sleeping giant at present and business growth is expected come in fast pace in … Continue Reading

In-house translator or outsource translator?

Professional translation is increasingly becoming a concern for businesses that want to go global, particularly with the rise of e-commerce.  Many companies and entrepreneurs do not want to limit their clientele to people who only speak, say, English.  Using human translation is imperative.  Even sophisticated non-human translators can make very simple mistakes.  This is to say nothing of idiomatic expressions, or slogans whose sense of meaning and catchy sound would be difficult to render in another language.  You must use some type of human translation.  However, the question then becomes what type of translation service you want … Continue Reading

Localization of mobile apps guide

French > 40% of Internet users. It means that many of the potential customers of the apps you developed do not speak English.

Those users prefer buying apps in their native languages. Some apps even became a single-country “hit” (see here) thanks to a wise decision of their developer to localize them.

Here’s a short guide. Some of the tips are ours, some from our customers experience and some were gathered on the Internet.

  1. Use translators who translate to their native language only. Mobile apps are used for daily tasks, so a translation made by a translator who isn’t familiar with … Continue Reading

The Qualities of a Legal Translator

Legal translation covers all human translation projects involving the legal field. Because this is a highly technical and difficult type of work to tackle that requires both legal expertise and complete mastery of two or more languages in order to strike a balance between accuracy (a very essential attribute in a profession where contracts are regularly combed for loopholes and technicalities via reinterpretation of the words used) and comprehensibility of the end product.

Also, regardless of whether you’re an agent in a … Continue Reading

The need for the Translation of Latin American Languages into English

All a Translation Check must be packed by means of is expertise & foresight to provide pinnacle class and high finish Latin American translation, together from the personal & business perspective. Inhabitant Latin-American translators are knowledgeable enough to participate their subject acquaintance in the ground of technical, certified, medicinal, legal or all-purpose Latin American translation by means of much ease. Translation as of Latin American to the English Language or English to a Latin American Language provides a golden occasion for global communication.

According to 2000 figures from the Global Reach, the utilization of … Continue Reading