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Translation as an SEO Strategy

To understand the power of internet and the influence it has on the marketing strategies is the very first step to realise the requisitions and importance of website translation. It is useful for reaching out to native as well as global language scenario.

Most people today use internet for finding information and gaining access to those resources which they normally cannot get access to or would otherwise require some effort and travel to acquire it. That is the reason why internet is so much useful as it solves the disparity between the needs of the customer and the access it … Continue Reading

Translating Your Website into multiple languages is good for Business

As the world became increasingly globalized, many companies started seeking out greener pastures in order to increase their profits and boost their total sales. People started going overseas for higher education, medical treatment and tourism. This gave rise to the need to translate the documents into many languages. Companies started translating their websites in various languages. This is because research indicates that people tend to do more business with the companies and people who speak their own language. This step saw the companies’ profitability increase. This allowed the people from countries where the company was not based to avail of … Continue Reading

Translating a Website for a Foreign Culture

Since the rise of the Internet, our world has become a lot smaller than before. Every country can now cheaply and instantly connect to each other across the worldwide web. In terms of ecommerce, this eventuality has paved the way for companies seeking to use the widespread influence of the information superhighway to access an international customer base in the most economical and streamlined way possible.

Most companies believe that all they really need is a freelance translation service or a professional translation agency in order to penetrate different international markets. However, there’s a fundamental flaw behind … Continue Reading

Addressing Cross-Cultural Issues during Website Translation

Company owners and their marketing departments should be aware that whenever they attempt to expand their businesses globally, they’ll have to do so by conveying their product message, promotions, and overall corporate identity to the respective vernacular of their target markets. Furthermore, their audience will probably have a cultural background that’s different from theirs—and it matters a lot.

It’s surprising to see how many people believe that creating a website in a foreign tongue merely entails translating the existing content into another dialect. That’s a common blunder among most enterprises. If your company intends to globalize itself, then read the rest … Continue Reading

How to market your website to foreign-language speakers?

Website owners and marketing professionals are usually focused on English-speaking target demographics, and understandably so: this is the language in which they can most easily communicate with their clients.
When companies define the target demographic on which to focus when marketing their products, they often operate under the unwritten working assumption that the said demographic speaks English.
Some marketing executives will claim that their companies’ products are sold “around the globe”, while in reality it may well be the case that only English speakers were exposed to these products, because their websites as well as their marketing people and materials are communicating … Continue Reading

Professional Translation Update: The Advantages of a Multilingual Website

Professional translation has been making waves in a lot of fields, especially in the global business industry. It is providing serious advantage to website owners and developers who are operating a business in the worldwide market. How professional translation works? Read on.

  • A multilingual website helps expand a business. If you are currently operating only in your local market and you have intentions of gaining customers from around the world, using professional translation as a marketing tool is a wise move. Providing local versions of your website helps generate awareness and interest from your target audience … Continue Reading

Professional Translation: Website Translation

The Internet has opened so many doors to people wherever they may be in the world. It has served such a big purpose, especially to marketers like me, who are geared toward global business expansion. With more and more Internet users looking for a localized kind of service, it is no longer sufficient to provide a website that is speaking in universal language or English. Good thing, there are translators out to offer efficient translation service available 24/7.

Website translation is an important service that many marketers are looking into to help them reach out to their target audience easily. By … Continue Reading