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Why a professional translator is more effective than Google translate?

When you have a business and you wish to promote it online, the best way to go about it is create a website, post ads and submit content to other websites. This will help bring traffic to your site which in turn will boost your business and revenues. This has been the most common procedure for almost anyone who wants to boost their business. This is a good reliable procedure no doubt, but when you have a website that caters to the speakers of one language, it happens to limit the traffic that visits your website to the speakers of … Continue Reading

Automatic translation and its limitations – Pt. 2

Limitations of automatic translation

In the previous part of the article we discussed what machine translation is and here we continue our discussion on the limitations of machine or automatic translation.

Even the most sophisticated software cannot substitute the skill of a professional translator. The reasons why machine translations are not as satisfactory as human translation are many. Ambiguity in translation is the result of one word having many meanings depending on the context. Disambiguation involves use of either shallow approach that uses statistical techniques to remove ambiguity or the deeper approach that involves comprehensive knowledge of a word. The former … Continue Reading

Automatic translation and its limitations – Pt. 1

What is automatic translation?

Automatic or machine translation is the use of state of the art technology for translation of a text from one natural language to another without the intervention of human beings. With the advent of digital computers, it usually refers to using software tools that carry out the translation.

The translation process is an inherently complex one and not easily amenable to automation. Translation is not a mere word-for-word substitution. The translator must interpret and analyze all the words in the text and know how each word / sentence influences another. One of … Continue Reading

Human Translation versus Machine Translation

If weren’t for the superiority of human translation over machine translation, then most companies would be relying on machine translators exclusively. At any rate, multinational enterprises need to realize sooner rather than later that professional translation is an expertise that should never be underestimated.

In general, the art of translation and translation services don’t just depend on word-for-word replacement of a source language text with a target language equivalent. If that were the case, then human translation would be rendered obsolete by machine translation. At the moment though, … Continue Reading