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Business Documents Translation Services

Business Documents Translation Services are part and parcel of a burgeoning industry where international commercial deals and agreements are the order of the day. Foremost among the characteristics of efficient translation services are top-tier customer service, the scope of translation languages and the accuracy of the business translations.

There are scores of first-rate translation agencies in operation around the world. These companies work hard to provide their customers and patrons with the very finest business documents translation services. Many of the companies utilizing the services of business documents translation range from Fortune 500 companies to all manner of other companies … Continue Reading

Creating Spanish versions of American e-commerce websites for the Hispanic community

Diversity is widely embraced in the business sector. This singular reality has a dramatic effect on the goal-driven culture of international business practices. And when it comes to American e-commerce websites, there are many potential target markets. North America is built on an agglomeration of cultures, replete with people possessing multiple skills, talents and abilities.  None has had as dramatic an effect on the success of the country as the Hispanic community. These people include people from Latin America, although historically the word was denoted to describe inhabitants of Spain and Portugal.

As the American economic empire continues to grind its … Continue Reading

Japanese Etiquette and Japanese Translation

When it comes to translation of articles or any content from one language to another or from one form to another, there is absolutely nothing which can beat the etiquettes of Japanese. From having some of the best professional services to the quality of translation agencies, from language translation to technical translation like business translation, medical translation and last but not the least, document translation, nothing can beat the Japanese.

However, there are some confusing points about the Japanese language and its mode of translation, the frequent use … Continue Reading

Legal Translation – Difficulties of Legal Translation

Legal translation as discussed in a previous blog is one of the most challenging task in the field of translation. It combines the creativity required in literary translation with the precise terminology of technical translation. Difficulties may arise due to various reasons like differences in legal systems followed in the countries where the source and the target languages are spoken, explicit nature of legal language etc. Hence there is need to approach professional translation service providers when legal documents are required to be translated.

Legal terminology by its very nature is subject to incongruity. Legal terms have basis in country … Continue Reading

Legal Translation

Legal translation means translating documents that come under the purview of law. The document could involve contracts, complaints, judgments, summons, legal proceedings and the like. Legal translation requires specialized knowledge and it is not a job for novice. Any mistakes can cost time and money and lead to lawsuits.

Legal translation is particularly difficult because framing of laws is dependent upon the local culture. The wordings have to be very accurate with no ambiguity. Since the terminology is culture dependent, textual conventions in the source and target languages may differ. … Continue Reading

English as international business language – contd.

The popularity of English as international business language continues to grow by the day as top business schools and universities irrespective of location are pushing for English as the teaching medium in order to meet the challenges of globalization and with an eye on revenue. Even in France which is a traditional English hater, universities are offering parallel business courses in English to attract international students. This could raise the demand for French translators who are fluent in both English and French.

The Lille School of Management in France is no longer treating English as a foreign language and teaches … Continue Reading

English as international business language

The story of evolution of English as a dominant international language is an interesting one. The internationalization of the English language has not happened overnight but is a product of development of the language over many centuries. English language is West Germanic in origin having been brought to Britain by Germanic invaders in pre Christian era.

Old English is said have been a collection of diverse dialects spoken by the Anglo Saxon kingdoms of England. The English language has undergone several linguistic shifts due to many invasions of England notably by the Scandinavians and the Normans. The influence on the language … Continue Reading

International Business Language

The primary language used in trade and commerce worldwide has varied over time as well as geography. Latin and Greek in Europe, Chinese in parts of Asia, Sanskrit in the Indian subcontinent, Persian in Islamic countries of Asia and Africa and so on have been the dominant language for some time or the other over the years. More recently in the 19th century, French was the language of diplomacy and was used in royal courts of Germany, Russia, and Italy besides France and French colonies in Africa.

Over the last century or so, English has become the dominant language of business … Continue Reading

Importance of Translation for Small Businesses

With the internet becoming the most important means of communication in every possible field and that it is the only medium that has actually revolutionized the meaning of the word global village where the boundaries of language and geography no longer exists, the need for translators and the importance of translation has become very important. Today, from news to socializing everything has become an important part of the online process. Small businesses are flourishing due to the scope of reaching more and more customers through the innovative methods of online advertising.

Translation has become very … Continue Reading

A tip for your business: using country top level domains

Let’s say that your business sells its products both at the US and in Japan.
You translated all your website content to Japanese and put it online.
In doing so, you hope to attract more traffic from potential customers who live in Japan and search the Internet in their own language for products that your business sells.
My tip is: consider using a Japanese top-level domain (such as ““).
The reason for doing this is that search engines like Google use the domain name to order the search results according to the country where the search query came from.
Of course, this is … Continue Reading