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Content Translation as a SEO Method

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques vary between the traditional and the exceptional. Websites employing the use of content translation as an effective SEO method will find their ratings visibly enhanced on the world’s leading search engines such as Google and Yahoo! When considering the issue of content translation as an SEO Method, the first aspect that must be taken into account is the target market. Should a website seek to increase its reader base, then it is essential to employ the use of content translation services.

The Benefits of Content Translation in Terms of SEO

Leading Translation Memory (TM) software allows … Continue Reading

How Could I Become an Editor?

Content writers, translators and data management specialists typically engage with one another in multiple formats. These include verbal communication, written communication and of course visual/body language formats. The advantage of participating in written forms of communication is that the writer has time to plan what to write, how to write it and how to create the correct context in order for the message to be understood correctly. However it does oftentimes occur that a writer errs and this is where editors come into the picture. An editor is a checkpoint between the writer and the target market. Editors work hard … Continue Reading