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Is Your Website Lost in Translation?

The “language of business” is based around the common denominator of currency. Business decisions are made on whether that currency will make you more currency, cover your expenses and leave enough for expansion. But in today’s atmosphere of global trade, the language of business has become a literal term.

In his post, Mikal covers one of the most important issues in tody’s commerce and Ecommerce – approching customers from different countries in their native language.

To read the full story by Mikal E. Belicove at the entrepreneur

One Hour Translation for eBay

With the One Hour Translation for eBay you can translate your eBay listing by a professional translator or by machine translation to any of the 15 supported languages and instantly list the item in any of the international eBay sites.

The One Hour Translation for eBay is part of the cooperation between One Hour Translation and 3dSellers – an eCommerce apps developer, it is an approved eBay app that can be found on the eBay app market – Translation for eBay

Multilingual and eCommerce Translation

The advent of internet since the 1990s has probably had the greatest impact on the way trade and commerce has traditionally been carried out. Electronic commerce or ecommerce for short refers to buying and selling of goods and services over electronic systems like internet and other computer networks. It is estimated that in USA alone online trading and shopping is done to the tune of over $173 billions a year.

Regarding languages used for ecommerce, since internet penetration is a major factor for carrying out ecommerce, the majority of ecommerce languages have been that of the developed economies like English, Spanish, … Continue Reading