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Medical Translation – Tips for Medical Translation

Medical translation offers a wide gamut of opportunities right from translating medical reports, scientific papers, to labelling in pharmaceuticals, in clinical trials etc. that comply with various country specific regulatory requirements. One of the opportunities that has been growing of late is translating informed consent forms (ICF).

Clinical trial of newly discovered drugs has become a global business. With many non English speaking participants coming into the picture, drug companies particularly from US have to comply with FDA regulations of explaining the pros and cons of a clinical trial in the native language of the participants before undertaking it. FDA … Continue Reading

The Qualities of a Legal Translator

Legal translation covers all human translation projects involving the legal field. Because this is a highly technical and difficult type of work to tackle that requires both legal expertise and complete mastery of two or more languages in order to strike a balance between accuracy (a very essential attribute in a profession where contracts are regularly combed for loopholes and technicalities via reinterpretation of the words used) and comprehensibility of the end product.

Also, regardless of whether you’re an agent in a … Continue Reading

How to write an effective business email when the recipient does not speak English

Every day, our customers receive dozens of comments from our translators’ community regarding their business emails and letters.
The most frequent comments relate to the fact that the original text does not include important details, which the recipients expect to see and are common in their language and culture.
Here are few quick tips that will help you overcome cultural barriers when contacting foreigners:

  1. Use the recipient’s correct title. In many countries – like France, Germany, Spain, China and Japan – you should use a proper polite title. Sometimes you should refer to the person using the third-person form. Use professional titles such … Continue Reading

Translation and Legal loopholes

The legal services today have embraced the concept of outsourcing pretty seriously. With cost cutting on the forefront of every legal firms mind, a lot of their documentation work is being sent to other firms both within their own country and abroad where it is done at rates lower than what it would cost them. When such scenarios occur, the person who is preparing the documentation may not necessarily understand the language of the original document. He may be working in a different country and his legal system may operate with another language.

Similarly, when a law firm has a client … Continue Reading

Localizing Your Website Translations

It’s important for professional translation companies and solo translation services to have the ability to discern which piece of information is essential enough to carry over a website when it’s being localized to a new market. After all, the main advantage human translation has over machine translation is its ability to discern what works and what doesn’t whenever original content is being translated into another language.

To be more specific, whenever translators are hired to do a professional translation of an English site, they must not assume that all information contained therein … Continue Reading