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Freelance translation for work at home mothers

As discussed in a previous post, work at home jobs are becoming popular due to various advantages like flexible working hours, telecommuting etc. that come with it. Increasing gasoline prices strengthen the need to avoid commuting to work on a daily basis. Freelance translation is a perfect work at home job especially suited for mothers who have kids to take care. In fact an online translation company was voted as the ‘best company for working mothers’ in a poll in Poland. More than half of the staff of this company was women.

Apart from the convenience of working … Continue Reading

Becoming a Translator

Professional translation experts around the world agree that there are certain guidelines, behaviors, and traits you need to have in order to become a competent translator in the competitive field of human translation. Translation service providers should pay close attention to the following recommendations and suggestions in order to not only become better professional translation agents, but to also turn out to be the best human translation specialists possible. They should raise their heads up high when striving for excellence in this particular field, because constant improvement for the sake of professionalism is … Continue Reading

Translation and freelancing

One of the attractions of choosing translation as a career is the fact that you can freelance. It means freedom to pursue one’s hobbies, work from the comfort of your own home and no need to commute long distances in crowded traffic, flexible working hours etc. But there are also certain pitfalls when you choose to become a freelance translator. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of freelance translation.

Freelance translating is ideal for mothers who have to take care of their kids at home. Broadly speaking ‘parenting’ is one of the other interests … Continue Reading

Most Important Translation Blogs

In the translation business, translation blogs are undoubtedly very very important. There are many types of translation related blogs available on the inter net. They serve multiple purposes and are thus some times called the revenue generators for the translation business too.  These various types of translation blogs include blogs for the translator jobs, blogs by the translators, web sites that call for translators, translator forums etc.

  1. Blogs for translator jobs are those blogs, which provide translation jobs to people all over the world. Here, many people … Continue Reading

Marketing your Translation Services as a Freelance Translator

Translation services are meant to help people get their work translated in to desired languages. These people call them selves as clients and the ones who carry out this job for them are known to be working for them. These people provide freelance translation services to their clients, thus making them feel at ease with their work. Like they help their clients, the web is full of tools which are there to help these freelance translators too. These tools help the translators to carry out their job with ease and earn well too.

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10 Most Useful Tools for Freelance Translator

A freelance translator is a person who takes up language translation assignments from various sources and delivers it to his or her clients on time. He or she must be either a master of various languages or must have all the tools at hand for carrying out such linguistic translations on a daily basis. There are various tools on the web, present there to help such freelance translators and to make their job easier. These tools may be available to them for free or the softwares may charge them. Through these tools, the freelance translators are able to carry out … Continue Reading

Questions to Ask About Your Translation Company

Translation service agencies conducting professional translation by themselves (human translation) or with the help of computer software (machine translation) are currently in demand by a multitude of industries ranging from multinational corporations to diplomatic envoys. Even small businesses and individual enterprises are now getting into the act of hiring translators to promote their wares thanks to the global interconnectivity that the Internet presently provides.

Because of this rise in interconnection, more and more people are clamoring for the services of a professional translation company. However, finding the best translation service can be an … Continue Reading

Getting Started in Freelance Translation

There are a surprising amount of people who discard their childhood dreams of becoming a cowboy, a policeman, a fireman, a pilot, an astronaut, or a doctor in order to get started in a freelance career in human translation service. Granted, not many children want to become a translator or diplomat from the get go—much less a freelance one—but after they reach a certain age, they quickly realize the perks and the benefits of this career that they were too young to even dream about a few decades or so earlier.

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How to market your website to foreign-language speakers?

Website owners and marketing professionals are usually focused on English-speaking target demographics, and understandably so: this is the language in which they can most easily communicate with their clients.
When companies define the target demographic on which to focus when marketing their products, they often operate under the unwritten working assumption that the said demographic speaks English.
Some marketing executives will claim that their companies’ products are sold “around the globe”, while in reality it may well be the case that only English speakers were exposed to these products, because their websites as well as their marketing people and materials are communicating … Continue Reading

Being an Ethical and Professional Translator

What does it take to become a professional and ethical translator? Is professionalism and ethics something you’re born with or something you need to learn for yourself over a lengthy period of time? Does a professional translator need to join a professional translation firm or an individual translation service in order to succeed? Does professionalism entail constant training in order to achieve a truly high-quality human translation portfolio even though your translation work is decent to begin with?

At any rate, it’s imperative for you to ask yourself what you need to do … Continue Reading