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The Google Transliteration IME

Machine translation is fast becoming the wave of the future for the translation field thanks to innovations like the Google Transliteration IME. Granted, human translation will probably remain as the dominant translation system thanks to the limitations of our present translation technology and the inimitable capabilities of the human mind, but the sheer handiness of this type of software is still something of note.

Even though machine translation still couldn’t beat the accuracy of the bilingual-to-multilingual staff of professional translation firms or the per-word economy of translation service freelancers, the Google … Continue Reading

The Evolution of Modern Day Translation

Technology has been inevitably remodeling the practice and concept of human translation in many aspects—so much so that machine translation has become an integral part of the professional translation process. Sure, human translation remains the best method of choice when it comes to providing topnotch translation services, but that’s not to say that machine translation is completely useless. For instance, instead of leafing through thousands upon thousands of dictionary pages when looking for a certain word or phrase translation, you can now rely exclusively on a computer to find these words … Continue Reading

Web Service Translation versus Professional Agency Translation

Professional translation agencies and web-based translation service providers have long been jockeying to provide affordable, cost-effective human translation to their myriad of multinational clients from time immemorial (or at least since the time professional translation became a profitable and worldwide industry). However, offering value-addled translation services is just part of the whole human translation puzzle; something else is in … Continue Reading

Mobile Phone Translation

Mobile translation is a translation service of the machine variety used to accommodate PDAs, Pocket PCs, and mobile telephones. In turn, mobile phone translation is the type of mobile translation that specifically caters to mobile devices such as Android, Blackberry, and iPhone when it comes to translating their mobile applications. Because this translation service utilizes machine translation instead … Continue Reading

A Guide to the Modern Translation Industry

The professional translation industry has recently gone through two important changes in the way it goes about its translation services: specialization and globalization. Human translation has undoubtedly transformed itself during the end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new one. It wasn’t too long ago that professional translation agents would mostly operate in domestic markets, delivering their wares and translation services in person (and most individual, freelance translators still do that nowadays).

Even though the circumstances may appear unfair, it’s important for would-be translators to understand that … Continue Reading

The State of Language and Communication within the Translation Industry

The American human translation industry is quite like many other industries within the country; it has witnessed and experienced some very noticeable, if not altogether radical changes in the past half century or so. The way professional translation firms and freelance translation services have evolved for the last fifty years demonstrates that age-old human translation practices are not immune to the ubiquitous influences of modern technology.

Although machine translation remains too crude for standalone use by professional translation companies, it’s still quite easy to see how technological advances in the field of translation services will cause some … Continue Reading

The True Meaning of Translation

In the context of the translation process and end product, human translation contains many definitions and interpretations. Professional translation experts view the majority of them as meaning-based, which is in line with the age-old translation service tradition. Therefore, the human translation process is viewed as a detached and isolated practice wherein the professional translation agent has to handle textual material that contains all the information needed to make sense of the overall message. However, reevaluating the definition of translation in the modern context may be required … Continue Reading

Marketing your Translation Services as a Freelance Translator

Translation services are meant to help people get their work translated in to desired languages. These people call them selves as clients and the ones who carry out this job for them are known to be working for them. These people provide freelance translation services to their clients, thus making them feel at ease with their work. Like they help their clients, the web is full of tools which are there to help these freelance translators too. These tools help the translators to carry out their job with ease and earn well too.

This was about the … Continue Reading

An In-Depth Look at Translation’s Definition

As many professional translation companies and freelance translation services know, human translation is an act of interpreting the meaning behind a source text so that a faithful reproduction of it—that is, an equivalent text—that communicates the same message in another language could be produced. The original document to be translated is referred to as the source text, while the language that it’s supposed to be converted is called the target language. Ergo, the final product or translated text is occasionally termed the target text as … Continue Reading

More Translation Gaffes and Blunders

As long as mediocre effort is exerted when translating texts into other languages, then there will always be cultural translation gaffes, blunders, and faux pas. Professional translation companies and freelance translation services alike should do everything it takes to make sure that their human translation work doesn’t end up looking like it was translated by a primitive software program.

The Importance of Contextualization

In any case, it’s imperative for human translation companies to recognize the importance of contextualization in professional translation. In fact, it’s so essential that … Continue Reading