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Reaching global customers online, how to do it right?

Professional Translation ServicesMany SMBs are aiming at global customers online, esp. since 71% of people who surf the web are Not native English speakers.

The question is how to make the most of the global reach efforts and how to do it right?

First, if your site is English only you should check the competition and consider expanding to other languages. If you are already targeting global customers please consider the following:

  1. Use professional human translation service only to translate your content. Do not use Google Translate or any other machine translation. … Continue Reading

Marketing your Translation Agency

A translation agency is a firm, which carries out translation assignments on the request of its clients. It is not an easy job to run a translation agency; more difficult is to effectively advertise it. Marketing is one thing that can do wonders for any business, especially for the translation business where twenty-four into seven, the work is done online, electronic translation to be precise. Marketing lets people know of you, it brings you to notice and lets people imagine your working capabilities. According to that, people would approach you for their translation assignments and thus … Continue Reading

How to market your website to foreign-language speakers?

Website owners and marketing professionals are usually focused on English-speaking target demographics, and understandably so: this is the language in which they can most easily communicate with their clients.
When companies define the target demographic on which to focus when marketing their products, they often operate under the unwritten working assumption that the said demographic speaks English.
Some marketing executives will claim that their companies’ products are sold “around the globe”, while in reality it may well be the case that only English speakers were exposed to these products, because their websites as well as their marketing people and materials are communicating … Continue Reading

Is it Advisable to Spend for Professional Translation of Your Marketing Collaterals?

Well, it depends. As with any enterprising move, you must first establish a need for professional translation of your marketing collaterals before you could make it reasonable to do so. Take a cue from that old and battered yet tried-and-tested line: “The end justify the means.”

Marketing collaterals or marketing materials are imperatives for any kind of business, especially those looking into an expansion. It is required for different business dealings and transactions. If you are serious about taking your business into another level higher, you must make a good impression on your marketing collaterals. If that expansion you are intent … Continue Reading