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Translation related iPhone apps – IV

In this fourth blog on translated related iPhone app series, we review 3 more popular apps viz. Jibbigo voice translator, Lingopal fun multilingual phrasebook and iTranslate plus. These apps are all aimed at global travelers who would find it useful. Jibbigo, though expensive compared to others, is versatile as it has voice recognition capabilities. However for a thorough translation job these apps would prove insufficient and approaching a professional translation agency is the only option.

Jibbigo voice translator

Jibbigo is an iPhone app released last year that converts speech in English to Spanish and vice versa. It was developed by Alex … Continue Reading

Translation related Android applications — III

Three more translation related Android apps viz. Talk To Me, Spanish Translator and Star Translate are reviewed in this blog. These apps would be handy for people who are constantly traveling but some of them require direct access to internet. For professional translation jobs translation agency should to be contacted.

Talk To Me

Talk To Me is a real time speech to speech translator developed for Android 1.6 or above. It is available for free from the Android Market. Currently it can translate speech from English to French, Spanish, Italian, German and English (UK). It uses Google Translate and Android Text … Continue Reading

Translation related iPhone apps – III

We review three more popular translation related iPhone apps here below viz. the Oxford Translator Travel Pro, Linguo and Bd Translator in continuation of earlier blogs on the same topic. These apps are mainly useful for business / leisure travelers looking for some handy phrases in foreign tongues and can not be used in place of service from professional translation agencies.

The Oxford Translator Travel Pro

This iPhone app covers five languages viz. French, Spanish, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Mandarin. Each app costs $10 per language. Oxford Translator is more than just a translation app; it also introduces the user to … Continue Reading

Translation related Android applications — II

We review three more translation related Android apps viz. ConveyThis Translator, Trippo Monde Voice Translator, and Google Goggle in this blog. They would be found useful by frequent travelers in foreign countries. For quality translation of your own Android App you have to contact professional translation services.

ConveyThis Translator

ConveyThis is a translation app developed for mobile devices running on Android platform. It was originally developed for translating web pages instantly by placing a widget on them. It can be freely downloaded from the Android Market (listed under Communication applications) and installed using the online instructions.

ConveyThis can translate words and phrases … Continue Reading

Translation related Android applications

Android is the Operating System for mobile devices developed by Google as a competitor to Windows Mobile, Nokia’s Symbian, Blackberry OS and others. Version 1.0 of Android was released in February 2009 and since then it has undergone several upgrades with the latest version 2.2 released in May 2010. Google took over Android Inc. the original developers of Android OS.

Android is based on Linux OS kernel and GNU software. It has been developed with the aim of furthering open standards for mobile devices and a consortium of 71 hardware, software and telecom companies formed the Open Handset Alliance in Nov … Continue Reading

Translation related iPhone apps – II

Continuing the discussion on translation related iPhone apps, we review some more popular apps like World Nomads, Lonely Planet Phrasebooks, and Coolgorilla Talking Phrasebooks here below. As mentioned previously these apps can only serve as a guide particularly for people on the move and can not substitute professional translation service providers for achieving accurate results. Their scope of translation is also limited to a few hundred words / phrases.

World Nomads

This free iPhone app is suitable for travelers. It handles 23 languages that include Australian English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Greek, Turkish, Dutch, Japanese, Cambodian, Cantonese, … Continue Reading

Translation related iPhone apps

iPhone is one of the earliest and highly successful smartphones introduced into the market in Jan 2007 by Apple Inc. iPhones are portable multimedia enabled mobile phones having diverse functionalities. They have built in high resolution camera, multi touch screen, high quality music player, Wi-fi connectivity etc. The latest version of iPhone is iPhone 4 released in June 2010. Apple has sold more than 50 million units of iPhone so far with sale of iPhone 4 alone touching a figure of 1.2 million within 10 days of its launch.

A no. of applications for improving the functionality of iPhone have been … Continue Reading

Android Applications Translation

The Android was specifically created in order to accommodate a myriad of mobile-optimized applications that utilize all of the advantages that the portable gadget medium has to offer. This is a device that’s been designed to be open, so it’s only natural that it also features the translation of Android applications. What’s more, its multilingual capacity is a built-in service, so there’s no need to depend on human translation businesses like professional translation firms or freelance translation service agents in order to use your programs in … Continue Reading