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Future of translation

According to one estimate, there are about 275 languages in the world which are spoken by at least one million people or more. Mandarin Chinese, English and Spanish top the list of most widely spoken languages. Languages are constantly changing and evolving and are always in a state of flux. Translators have to keep themselves abreast of the changes and of the linguistic trends.

Although linguistic experts are aware of the constant changes in languages, it is almost impossible to predict the course or the direction of change. The dominance of English in general and American English … Continue Reading

Guide to send text for translation in One Hour Translation

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The recent update of facebook has allowed the making of “company” pages. As part of our on-going effort to ever improve our service, we would like to invite you to become a fan of and enjoy news, blog links, company updates and more.
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Welcome to the OneHourTranslation blog

After almost 1 year on-line we have decided to kick-start the OneHourTranslation official blog.

We are 3 founders who started working together to provide an affordable quality translation service that everyone can use.

In this blog we will update you with the most recent features,future plans and translation tips. We would also like to hear from you- our clients, translators and any one else who is interested in helping us improve our service.

In the next posts we will tell you more about us and about our service.