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One Hour Transaltion to offer free translation for Haiti aid organizations

We decided to do for the victims and the aid organizations in Haiti.

We will translate for free to 250 words per each organization and individual affected by the earthquake:

Individuals and organizations are welcome to visit our Haiti aid page and contact us for translations.

Guide to send text for translation in One Hour Translation

Google vs. Microsoft in Offering Translation Service

Google and Microsoft are always breathing down each other’s necks. They are the forerunners in the Internet community and they are both keen on doing better in offering every kind of service to their targets. Both Google and Microsoft want to be the best choice for Internet users all over the world. Even in offering online translation service, Google and Microsoft are up to the challenge of giving the other a run for its money.

Google Translate

Google offers free online translation service through its Google Translate. Anyone who uses the translation service can get instant results on … Continue Reading

The latest addition to onehourtranslation blog- word of the day.

hello all

As part of our effort to bring you the latest news, articles, ideas and everything translation related, we are proud to add “word of the day” to the content one might encounter at onehourtranslation blog.

Word of the day will be taken from various sites (i.e, Wikipedia, etc’). We will also include pronunciation, definition and, since this is a translation blog, a translation into several languages.

Feel free to suggest more sites, offer other translations and debate over the exact translation of a word.

So, without further ado, the first word of the day is- (drum … Continue Reading

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The recent update of facebook has allowed the making of “company” pages. As part of our on-going effort to ever improve our service, we would like to invite you to become a fan of and enjoy news, blog links, company updates and more.
How to become a fan?
All you have to do is type in “” at facebook search box.
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Translating your website will expose your business to more customers on recession days

Day after day the world is getting smaller, and the internet becomes the fastest and easiest way to communicate across national borders. Thanks to the internet, international advertising is the best tool for the marketing of products and services. The time of change and economic slowdown we all live nowadays requires businesses to secure new clients and markets… this means upgrading your company’s web showroom…

Well, what is this upgrade talk all about? We refer to a multi-language website solution. Companies offering online localized content to prospective clients get a high level of international exposure and increased revenue from the resulting … Continue Reading