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Pitfalls in Professional Translation

This is a guest post by Anupsinh B, Anupsinh is a  graduate Civil Engineer and a professional translator working with One hour Translation. Anupsinh specializes in marketing, representation, liaison and public relations. His activities have been associated with government sectors, corporate sectors, educational institutions etc.

Professional translation is tricky. Sometimes the source text may be too short and sometimes too long. In either cases, a professional translator has to understand and assess the context of the source text. Professional translation requires precision and exactness and adherence to the format of the source text. All these are pre-requisites for conveying the desired meaning and … Continue Reading

Why Being a Native Speaker of the Target Language is so important for the Translator?

Translation services are best achieved when the recipient of the message understands precisely what was intended by the sender of the message. However there is tremendous room for confusion in and amongst this seemingly simple process. The art of translation is one that requires an in-depth understanding of communication, language, culture and idiosyncrasies. Most everyone has at some time or another received an erroneous message. The reasons for this are varied and can be attributed to listening and not hearing, catching the tail-end of a vital piece of information, a broken message, or any number of other possibilities.

It is essential … Continue Reading

Interpretation – what is it?

Interpretation means the art of translating one object from a framework to another framework without disturbing its original content. A simple example can be seen as the language translation from one language to another without disturbing the actual meaning of the sentences. Today, with the fast globalization and increase in the international business, it is important to deal with language barriers as quickly as possible. Previously, interpreters used to be on both the sides of international business to convey the business deals and eliminate the language barrier. Now, with global business booming up, professional translation services are required to … Continue Reading

Translation using Dynamic Interpretation

Dynamic interpretation has been used even by professional translation agencies and freelance translation service providers when it comes to handling most industry-grade human translation projects. However, this methodology isn’t actually done during the translation proper; it’s instead executed just as soon as the professional translation agent or translation service freelancer takes a gander at the source text. To be true, dynamic interpretation is a method of reading, understanding, and comprehending a given work such that one can interpret dynamically the role of the text in a particular situation as well … Continue Reading

Fidelity versus Transparency in Translation

Fidelity and transparency are two factors that, for thousands of years, have been regarded as the highest ideals to be endeavored for in human translation (particularly literary translation); even up until now, when translation jobs are farmed out to different professional translation groups and translation service freelancers, these twin qualities are still considered top-priority guidelines to better achieve successful translation work with clear messages. Localization and globalization may have helped a lot in aiding different audiences to better understand the gist of any given human translation project, but the balance between transparency and fidelity … Continue Reading

Linguistic Translation and the Rewriting Process

Both human translation work and rewritings in general are considered to be similar means to the same end in terms of text manipulation because they reflect the respective efforts of the translation service expert or the rewriter in adapting the source material to work with a given target audience in a specific way. Indeed, professional translation has many parallels to the rewriting industry in terms of objectives and end results. Moreover, they are also considered controversial and divisive to some because they could produce values dissonance depending on how they’re practiced … Continue Reading

Common Assumptions Concerning Translation

Regardless if it’s human translation done by a professional translation agency or a freelance translation service provider, people cannot help but make certain common assumptions when it comes to translation. Some of these widespread human translation conjectures are somewhat correct, trivially wrong, and grossly erroneous depending on the situation and circumstances; they include such things as confusing the freedom of localization to inaccuracy and faithfulness to the source text as rigid transliteration.

With that said, it’s imperative that both professional translation and freelance translation service handlers know the actual rules in … Continue Reading

Free translation tools

Free translation? Yes you heard that right! When you are unable to translate a text into a language of your choice and you find professional services beyond your reach, you can take the help of these free translation tools to at least get an idea of what the author of the text is talking about. Some of the free tools that have been randomly selected are listed here below.

1)      Google translate is a popular free tool for translating web pages in a no. of language pairs. It has been reviewed in detail in another blog. Similarly … Continue Reading

How to Become a Competent Translator

Achieving competency in the human translation front—especially if you’re doing professional translation work or freelance translation services—is par to the course and a commonsensical responsibility that shouldn’t even be questioned. However, it’s certainly easier said than done, and for something that’s taken for granted most of the time, many novice translators get all tied up trying to learn the ropes of the business. As such, feel free to use this article as a guide of sorts to help you become the best human translation expert you could possibly … Continue Reading

The True Meaning of Translation

In the context of the translation process and end product, human translation contains many definitions and interpretations. Professional translation experts view the majority of them as meaning-based, which is in line with the age-old translation service tradition. Therefore, the human translation process is viewed as a detached and isolated practice wherein the professional translation agent has to handle textual material that contains all the information needed to make sense of the overall message. However, reevaluating the definition of translation in the modern context may be required … Continue Reading