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Jobs that require bilingual skills – II

Continuing the discussion on jobs that require bi / multi lingual skills, we have seen in an earlier blog how migration has resulted in the necessity of people learning more than one language for survival. Out of the many professions that require multiple language skills, the healthcare sector has one of the maximum demands. Others include finance, tourism / hotel, social and public services, sales and marketing etc.

Financial services like insurance, banks, and mortgage service providers often have to interact with the public at large. In a multilingual society like the U.S. for example employees knowing Spanish or Chinese in … Continue Reading

How to Become a Competent Translator

Achieving competency in the human translation front—especially if you’re doing professional translation work or freelance translation services—is par to the course and a commonsensical responsibility that shouldn’t even be questioned. However, it’s certainly easier said than done, and for something that’s taken for granted most of the time, many novice translators get all tied up trying to learn the ropes of the business. As such, feel free to use this article as a guide of sorts to help you become the best human translation expert you could possibly … Continue Reading

Localizing Your Website Translations

It’s important for professional translation companies and solo translation services to have the ability to discern which piece of information is essential enough to carry over a website when it’s being localized to a new market. After all, the main advantage human translation has over machine translation is its ability to discern what works and what doesn’t whenever original content is being translated into another language.

To be more specific, whenever translators are hired to do a professional translation of an English site, they must not assume that all information contained therein … Continue Reading

More Tips on How to be a Professional Translator

If you’re a newly graduated translator-to-be, then you have a lot to look forward to—namely, working in a professional translation agency complete with fully experienced human translation experts and machine translation assistants or setting up your own freelance translation service at the comfort of your own home via the magic of the worldwide web.

Of course, nothing is that simple in life, and you’ll have to exert a lot of effort in order to break into this line of work. Once you do though, it’s well worth the wait, struggles, and difficulties. As such, here are several … Continue Reading

Getting Started in Freelance Translation

There are a surprising amount of people who discard their childhood dreams of becoming a cowboy, a policeman, a fireman, a pilot, an astronaut, or a doctor in order to get started in a freelance career in human translation service. Granted, not many children want to become a translator or diplomat from the get go—much less a freelance one—but after they reach a certain age, they quickly realize the perks and the benefits of this career that they were too young to even dream about a few decades or so earlier.

Many jobseekers are raring to get … Continue Reading

How to market your website to foreign-language speakers?

Website owners and marketing professionals are usually focused on English-speaking target demographics, and understandably so: this is the language in which they can most easily communicate with their clients.
When companies define the target demographic on which to focus when marketing their products, they often operate under the unwritten working assumption that the said demographic speaks English.
Some marketing executives will claim that their companies’ products are sold “around the globe”, while in reality it may well be the case that only English speakers were exposed to these products, because their websites as well as their marketing people and materials are communicating … Continue Reading

Being an Ethical and Professional Translator

What does it take to become a professional and ethical translator? Is professionalism and ethics something you’re born with or something you need to learn for yourself over a lengthy period of time? Does a professional translator need to join a professional translation firm or an individual translation service in order to succeed? Does professionalism entail constant training in order to achieve a truly high-quality human translation portfolio even though your translation work is decent to begin with?

At any rate, it’s imperative for you to ask yourself what you need to do … Continue Reading