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Translation of Social Media Updates for Corporations

With approximately ten percent of the world’s population on Facebook and over 340 million tweets being broadcast around the world every day, it is not surprising that corporations are increasingly looking towards social media as a crucial part of their marketing plan.

And with Google’s announcement earlier this year that it will take social searching into account – meaning that anything you or your friends have posted on Google+ will influence your Google search results – it is now more important than ever for corporations to have a solid social media marketing plan in place that stretches across all of the … Continue Reading

Translation of Social Media Content for your Business

Business owners in today’s bustling global economy are tasked with many challenges. Foremost among them is communicating with an ever-increasing audience. This audience is no longer confined to any specific geographic locale; rather it is part and parcel of a global marketplace. The concept of interpersonal communication is thus an issue requiring maximum care and attention. But getting the right message to the right people is a tricky process and only careful control mechanisms can ensure that senders and receivers of these messages are on the same page. In this vein, it’s imperative to ensure that there is correct translation … Continue Reading