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Translation and freelancing

One of the attractions of choosing translation as a career is the fact that you can freelance. It means freedom to pursue one’s hobbies, work from the comfort of your own home and no need to commute long distances in crowded traffic, flexible working hours etc. But there are also certain pitfalls when you choose to become a freelance translator. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of freelance translation.

Freelance translating is ideal for mothers who have to take care of their kids at home. Broadly speaking ‘parenting’ is one of the other interests … Continue Reading

Marketing your Translation Agency

A translation agency is a firm, which carries out translation assignments on the request of its clients. It is not an easy job to run a translation agency; more difficult is to effectively advertise it. Marketing is one thing that can do wonders for any business, especially for the translation business where twenty-four into seven, the work is done online, electronic translation to be precise. Marketing lets people know of you, it brings you to notice and lets people imagine your working capabilities. According to that, people would approach you for their translation assignments and thus … Continue Reading

10 Most Useful Tools for Freelance Translator

A freelance translator is a person who takes up language translation assignments from various sources and delivers it to his or her clients on time. He or she must be either a master of various languages or must have all the tools at hand for carrying out such linguistic translations on a daily basis. There are various tools on the web, present there to help such freelance translators and to make their job easier. These tools may be available to them for free or the softwares may charge them. Through these tools, the freelance translators are able to carry out … Continue Reading

Translating a Website for a Foreign Culture

Since the rise of the Internet, our world has become a lot smaller than before. Every country can now cheaply and instantly connect to each other across the worldwide web. In terms of ecommerce, this eventuality has paved the way for companies seeking to use the widespread influence of the information superhighway to access an international customer base in the most economical and streamlined way possible.

Most companies believe that all they really need is a freelance translation service or a professional translation agency in order to penetrate different international markets. However, there’s a fundamental flaw behind … Continue Reading

Questions to Ask About Your Translation Company

Translation service agencies conducting professional translation by themselves (human translation) or with the help of computer software (machine translation) are currently in demand by a multitude of industries ranging from multinational corporations to diplomatic envoys. Even small businesses and individual enterprises are now getting into the act of hiring translators to promote their wares thanks to the global interconnectivity that the Internet presently provides.

Because of this rise in interconnection, more and more people are clamoring for the services of a professional translation company. However, finding the best translation service can be an … Continue Reading

Google vs. Microsoft in Offering Translation Service

Google and Microsoft are always breathing down each other’s necks. They are the forerunners in the Internet community and they are both keen on doing better in offering every kind of service to their targets. Both Google and Microsoft want to be the best choice for Internet users all over the world. Even in offering online translation service, Google and Microsoft are up to the challenge of giving the other a run for its money.

Google Translate

Google offers free online translation service through its Google Translate. Anyone who uses the translation service can get instant results on … Continue Reading

The Difference between ‘Traditional’ Translation Agencies and Online Translation Services

Those who do not want to be ‘lost in translation’ have various options. For one, they can choose between free online translation service, which is usually aided by software and machines and professional translation service, which is powered by human translators. Between the two, there is no question why professional translation is preferred. While the former is convenient, it cannot offer the same standard of quality that the latter can.

After deciding to go for human translation, there’s that choice between traditional translation agencies and online translation service. In this article, … Continue Reading