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One Hour Transaltion to offer free translation for Haiti aid organizations

We decided to do for the victims and the aid organizations in Haiti.

We will translate for free to 250 words per each organization and individual affected by the earthquake:

Individuals and organizations are welcome to visit our Haiti aid page and contact us for translations.

A Guide to the Modern Translation Industry

The professional translation industry has recently gone through two important changes in the way it goes about its translation services: specialization and globalization. Human translation has undoubtedly transformed itself during the end of the last millennium and the beginning of the new one. It wasn’t too long ago that professional translation agents would mostly operate in domestic markets, delivering their wares and translation services in person (and most individual, freelance translators still do that nowadays).

Even though the circumstances may appear unfair, it’s important for would-be translators to understand that … Continue Reading

How to Keep Your Customers Happy

The recession has not only brought about an economic gloom, it has also brought a stagnation in the exchange of business and interaction among the client and service providers. Most businesses are losing a lot of clients, and the translation agencies are no exception to it. In this period of financial instability and loss of business, it has become very necessary to hold on to the existing clients, as well as create a good reputation and good will in the market to net in more customers. To create a good reputation it is very necessary to keep your existing … Continue Reading

Cross-Cultural Marketing Bloopers in Translation

Misfired translations happen quite a lot. Whether it roots from negligence in the worldwide translation industry’s part or just a lack of certain elements in human translation that many a professional translation company is unaware of (that is, cultural awareness and the importance of adaptation and localization), they usually end up in websites spoofing poor translation practices or articles such as this.

Indeed, companies and the translation services under their employ should take a good look at some of the mishaps, blunders, and bloopers that their lot has committed over the years due … Continue Reading

The X-Factor in Translation

Faithfulness to the source text was once thought to be the end-all and be-all of translation in both the western and eastern world. As the professional translation industry evolved, various translation services and agencies found out that this was not necessarily the case. Human translation usually differs from machine translation in terms of being able to get the context and meaning behind the source text, but even human translation suffers the pitfalls of excessively rigid faithfulness to the original language document.

Whether translation purists accept it or not, a leeway for adaptation and accommodation must exist in … Continue Reading

Translating Hindi to English the Right Way

At this point in time, there can be no doubt left in Hindi’s importance as an international language. It has over 500 million native speakers scattered across the South Asian region at present. It is also spoken in nations like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Pakistan, and India. Just like India is the country with the second largest population in the world, Hindi may well be the third largest language just behind lingual giants like English and Chinese.

Wherever a large contingent of Indians is present, Hindi is spoken, and since Indians are traditionally viewed as migratory, they have naturally spread themselves across … Continue Reading

The Effective Translator: 5 Traits for Efficient Human Translation

Being in the translation service industry is very challenging. An effective translator needs more than just knowledge of another language to be considered for a job. Read on for the traits someone who is in the human translation business must possess and see how well you fare:

  1. Language expertise. No doubt, this is the first and foremost characteristic an effective member of the translation service must possess. If you are not fluent in at least two languages, you must find a career in another field. Definitely, the professional translation industry would need someone … Continue Reading