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The Google Transliteration IME

Machine translation is fast becoming the wave of the future for the translation field thanks to innovations like the Google Transliteration IME. Granted, human translation will probably remain as the dominant translation system thanks to the limitations of our present translation technology and the inimitable capabilities of the human mind, but the sheer handiness of this type of software is still something of note.

Even though machine translation still couldn’t beat the accuracy of the bilingual-to-multilingual staff of professional translation firms or the per-word economy of translation service freelancers, the Google … Continue Reading

Globalization & the need for English Translation

The arrival of globalization conveyed with it superior communication technologies, which have revolutionized our every day lives, cultures, & the way trade is carried out. As the world turns out to be smaller & as more trade is done on a worldwide scale, English Translation are more & more becoming a crucial asset for companies who wish to enlarge their operations to a variety of overseas provinces. The most vital part of any contemporary business plan is to believe on a worldwide scale, without misplacing touch with the restricted market. On the other hand, by going … Continue Reading

Differentiating between Translators and an Interpreter

Most people get perplexed between what is the work portrayal of an Interpreter versus that of a Translator. The Translators characteristically translate from one resource language to an objective language on certain sort of a text, while the Interpreters do the identical thing but in bona fide time, with both the people in attendance during the interpreting process. For instance, Interpreters are present throughout the court cases, whereas Translators provide the translated credentials for the case. Translation and Interpretation are two different types of work. If you ask where the difference is, well, one is on paper … Continue Reading

Free translation tools

Free translation? Yes you heard that right! When you are unable to translate a text into a language of your choice and you find professional services beyond your reach, you can take the help of these free translation tools to at least get an idea of what the author of the text is talking about. Some of the free tools that have been randomly selected are listed here below.

1)      Google translate is a popular free tool for translating web pages in a no. of language pairs. It has been reviewed in detail in another blog. Similarly … Continue Reading

Translation and freelancing

One of the attractions of choosing translation as a career is the fact that you can freelance. It means freedom to pursue one’s hobbies, work from the comfort of your own home and no need to commute long distances in crowded traffic, flexible working hours etc. But there are also certain pitfalls when you choose to become a freelance translator. This blog discusses some of the pros and cons of freelance translation.

Freelance translating is ideal for mothers who have to take care of their kids at home. Broadly speaking ‘parenting’ is one of the other interests … Continue Reading

The State of Language and Communication within the Translation Industry

The American human translation industry is quite like many other industries within the country; it has witnessed and experienced some very noticeable, if not altogether radical changes in the past half century or so. The way professional translation firms and freelance translation services have evolved for the last fifty years demonstrates that age-old human translation practices are not immune to the ubiquitous influences of modern technology.

Although machine translation remains too crude for standalone use by professional translation companies, it’s still quite easy to see how technological advances in the field of translation services will cause some … Continue Reading

The True Meaning of Translation

In the context of the translation process and end product, human translation contains many definitions and interpretations. Professional translation experts view the majority of them as meaning-based, which is in line with the age-old translation service tradition. Therefore, the human translation process is viewed as a detached and isolated practice wherein the professional translation agent has to handle textual material that contains all the information needed to make sense of the overall message. However, reevaluating the definition of translation in the modern context may be required … Continue Reading

Assessing translators’ performance

With so many translators around, how do you choose a particular translator? What are the qualifications required of a translator? How do you go about assessing the performance of a translator before hiring? This article gives some pointers to these questions.

As is well known, translation is the technique of transferring a sentence or words from one language into another. It is an intricate job requiring many abilities though it is not easily apparent to an outsider. Hence great care must be taken before hiring translators. If not, the hirer runs the risk of inaccurate information being conveyed in the … Continue Reading

Marketing tips for translators

Translators are similar to other self employed professionals like lawyers, accountants, architects, etc. when it comes to marketing their skills / services. It is particularly true in case of freelance translators. Here are some marketing tips that translators may find useful.

Marketing involves communicating with prospective customers to bag a translation project, asking for clarifications during its execution or sending invoices at the completion of the project. Some points to note while communicating with customers are:

  • Keep in touch with customers by sending out reminders of availability to … Continue Reading

An In-Depth Look at Translation’s Definition

As many professional translation companies and freelance translation services know, human translation is an act of interpreting the meaning behind a source text so that a faithful reproduction of it—that is, an equivalent text—that communicates the same message in another language could be produced. The original document to be translated is referred to as the source text, while the language that it’s supposed to be converted is called the target language. Ergo, the final product or translated text is occasionally termed the target text as … Continue Reading